Hyundai Unveils Sonata Powertrain, Tech Specs

Sonata’s Engine Discontinuation Possible

This week, Hyundai showcased a completely redone Sonata and offered added details from the South Korean city of Seoul about the mid-size vehicle’s engines, estimated launch date, and accessible innovations.

It cannot be definitively stated that all of the specifications listed can be applied to the US-spec model; however, Hyundai has confirmed that the renewed sedan will possess a 2.0-liter hybrid engine and two gas engines – namely a 2.5-liter and a 2.5-liter turbo for the N Line. While these engines had been previously accessible, the 1.6- liter turbo which was an option for the 2023 Sonata was not mentioned, so it looks like it might be omitted from the variety of options. Hyundai hasn’t yet affirmed if the power outputs of said engines have been changed either.

Unfortunately, Hyundai had no indication that four-wheel drive would be offered as an option, and we wished for the new model to correspond with the Toyota Camry.

Hyundai unveiled some of the colour options for the sedan, few of which aren’t accessible for the American 2023 variant.

Aero Silver features an immaculate finish with a fusion of icy and cozy tones influenced by the luminosity of nature. Furthermore, they are Abyss Black Pearl, Serenity White Pearl, Atlas White, Nocturne Gray (all with a matte surface), Transmission Blue Pearl, Biophilic Blue Pearl, Ultimate Red, Cream Beige, as well as Curated Silver.

Venturing in, the interior is available in Black, two-tone Dark Gray/Greige, two-tone Dark Gray/Camel, two-tone Dark Gray/Navy, and additionally, for the N Line, Dark Gray with red stitched details.

It is already known that the upcoming Hyundai Sonata is going to showcase a couple of 12.3-inch displays. As well, Hyundai has confirmed a head-up display which spans 12 inches, not to mention it is installing an impressive Bose Premium 12-speaker sound system with advanced CenterPoint 360 technology. Nevertheless, the new Sonata still conscientiously comprises some physical controls. For easing up loading baggage, it is provided with a power trunk lid, boasted by Hyundai to be the first in its class.

The latest safety technology being incorporated into automobiles is a Remote Smart Parking Assist, an innovation which allows motorists to park the car using a smart key from the outside of the automobile. Hyundai describes the vehicle as possessing increased solidity, with improved side crash defense, and industry-leading braking functioning, accompanied by decreases in vibration, sound, and harshness levels.

The recent Sonata will be accessible on worldwide markets during the latter part of this year, yet the cost details are still unannounced. That said, this vehicle is poised to pose a much stiffer competition for the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord than ever before.

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