Redesigned Hyundai Sonata: High-Tech Interior Awaits!

Japan’s Rivals: Outdated and Behind.

There are (light) makeovers and more extreme transformations, and the newly-unveiled Hyundai Sonata definitely fits into the latter. After its captivating renovation, this stylish sedan puts the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord to shame with their ordinary air. In fact, even when we look at the just-released 11th gen. Accord, it appears quite normal by comparison.

Though the Sonata’s destiny remains uncertain, this update reveals Hyundai’s obvious dedication to the mid-size sedan market, and design isn’t the only area the vehicle has been enhanced. The Sonata now features a display that is nearly identical to those in today’s BMWs; it is the initial time a feature such as this has appeared in a Hyundai.

The highlight of the updated exterior is the Signature Horizon Lamp, which stretches across the entire width of the car’s front. This feature is also seen on the concept version of the large Ioniq 7 electric SUV. The sedan has a much more modern, assertive look than the pre-facelift model released in 2019. Hyundai explains that the exterior is “N Line-based,” which reflects the company’s performance models. On the sides, there is a black garnish that gradually rises towards the rear, and the N Line comes with exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels.

The wrapping, coiling back lighting signature of the past rendition has been exchanged here with fresher H-lights that exhibit an uncluttered look, in conjunction with a particularly wide, third brake light at the top of the rear window. Adding to this athletic elaboration is a rear spoiler plus twin double exhaust tips found on the N Line.

Within the automobile, a breathtaking curved display seemingly ties together two 12.3-inch displays, one holding the dials and gauges and the other devoted to infotainment. Hyundai announces modern touch-type climate controls which they believe give a much more up-to-date appearance. We hope that these controls do not impede user friendliness as a consequence.

Supplemental features in the cabin are a column-type shift-by-wire control that is positioned behind the wheel, allowing for additional storage space in the middle console. Moreover, numerous new hues for the inside have been provided.

Hyundai has not given any extra information about the new Sonata, so one can think that its powertrains may remain unchanged. This might include a 2.5L motor with 191 horsepower as well as a 1.6L turbocharged engine featuring 180 hp and the N Line with 290 hp. Furthermore, there will likely be a cross breed version accessible too. The car’s aerodynamic outside is expected to enhance its fuel economy whereas rumors point to a possibility of an all-wheel-drive option being introduced.

An extensive debuts will transpire on March 30th, and soon after we could acquire more knowledge about the newly altered Sonata.

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