Immaculate Alpina B7 Coupe: A Stunning Vintage BMW That’s Worth Every Cent

Unmissable E24 for the Wealthy: A Rare Opportunity!

A rare 1978 BMW Alpina B7 Turbo is currently available to be acquired through Bring A Trailer, making it a highly sought-after item for avid BMW enthusiasts. Aside from its exceptional scarcity and eye-catching shark-nose design, this dynamic E24 6er stands out even more thanks to its unique serial number of ‘B7-001.’

Following its departure from the Buchloe factory, this B7 Turbo was utilized as a promotional car by Alpina and put on display at the 1978 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. Subsequently, it made appearances in numerous magazine articles before finding a new home in a private collection until 2022, when the current owner acquired it.

It’s puzzling as to why someone would part with such a stunning Bavarian car, but we aren’t going to argue because the Alpina is up for sale in the US. It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking to own this magnificent vehicle.

1978 BMW Alpina B7 Turbo (#001) Driving Experience!

The paint job of Graphite Metallic has been enhanced by the iconic Alpina decals, adorned in a combination of silver and gold striping. Nevertheless, the car maintains a modest appearance, despite the inclusion of a front lip and a spoiler on the rear hatch which added a touch of sportiness in its time. The inline-six engine emits a melodic tune through dual exhaust pipes, while distinctive Alpina insignia serve as a clear indication to fellow drivers that this is no ordinary 6 Series you are behind the wheel of.

Each corner of the vehicle is equipped with staggered 16-inch Alpina wheels, which were considered quite large in the 1970s. The front and rear tires are 205/55 and 225/50 Michelin Primacy 4, respectively. Newly overhauled braking system includes power-assisted discs for improved stopping capabilities.

Prior to delving into the interior, let’s first explore what lies beneath the surface. The BMW 3.0-liter M30B30 straight-six engine boasted an original output of 173 horsepower. However, Alpina took it up a notch by implementing modifications such as a new fuel injection system, a KKK turbocharger with adjustable boost, and lower-compression Mahle pistons. Of course, the power is directed to the rear axle through a five-speed ‘dogleg’ manual transmission. According to records from Alpina Archives, the B7 Turbo generated anywhere between 250 and 300 horsepower, depending on the boost configuration.

This version possesses a considerably higher amount of muscle compared to its standard counterpart, but it falls short in terms of power when compared to Alpina’s most recent releases. A clear example is the B8 Gran Coupe, boasting an impressive 612 hp that allows it to accelerate to 60 mph in only three seconds. Without a limiter, this beauty can effortlessly reach a top speed of 202 mph.

Despite its mileage of 184,000 kilometers (114,000 miles), the B7 Turbo remains in excellent condition. This powerful German vehicle has been meticulously maintained and has just undergone some revitalizing repairs. In addition to routine fluid replacements, significant updates have also been made to the air conditioning, brake system, and cooling system.

Inside the Alpina, one can find a cabin that is centered around the driver, as is common in BMWs of this time period. Changes have been made to include bucket seats covered in cloth with leather bolsters, an Alpina gear shifter adorned with wood accents, and a distinctive plaque labeling this particular model as ‘B7-001.’ A speedometer capable of reaching speeds up to 300 km/h (186 mph) adds a nice touch, while added luxuries like power windows are also included in this bundle. A more modern touchscreen with Bluetooth capability has been installed, although it may not appeal to everyone’s preferences.

The retailer mentions that the car did not successfully pass a California emissions examination, hence individuals interested in purchasing it within the Golden State should take this into account before placing their bids. Regarding bidding, the auction concludes in seven days, with the present leading offer set at $100,375.

The price tag may be high, however, coveted Alpinas like this are a rare sight in the market. Plus, it is still more economical compared to purchasing a brand-new M850i Coupe. The fortunate buyer will not only acquire one of BMW’s most exquisite grand tourers, but also a collection of magazines, promotional materials, and paperwork related to the vehicle. With any luck, this will encourage the new owner to procure an authentic radio head unit.

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