In Spring 2024: BMW 5 Series Wagon Unveiled

No M5 Wagon for US, Maybe?

BMW has verified that the upcoming 5 Series Touring will be hitting the market come spring 2024, and, unprecedentedly, buyers will be able to select among a regular internal combustion engine setup, plugin-hybrids, and electric variations.

The sophisticated family vehicle will be equipped with the same engines and electric drive units as the sedan, leaving customers with the same range of options. Unfortunately, it appears that the 5 Series Touring won’t be available in North America, with BMW stating that it was “specifically designed for the automotive markets in Europe as well as in Japan and Taiwan.”

A brand new preview just unveiled the side view of this ballot, which appears to have inherited the typical BMW station wagon charm. Leaked patent images have already familiarized us with what the impending 5 Series Touring is about to manifest.

When checking it out from the front, the Touring looks alike to its sedan relative. Surrounding the trademark BMW Kidney Grilles are unpresuming headlights that keep to a traditional look. As one of their most popular car models, BMW have gone for a conservative design throughout – which can be seen in the flush-fitting handles plus the signature Hofmeister kink along the side profile.

Looking back, the elegant 5er Touring has a close resemblance to the smaller 3 Series estate and several BMW sport utility vehicles.

The recent 5 Series wagon belonging to the US is the E61 generation developed by Chris Bangle. Although it would be fantastic for BMW to reintroduce this body type to the US, we are not anticipating it to come about. Audi on the other hand has only persisted with its high-performance RS6, and Mercedes in the not too distant past had their E-Class estate available in All-Terrain and AMG spec.

It is possible that the 5 Series Touring might appear in the United States with an M5 label. This potentially compensates for BMW disregarding the USA concerning the non-delivery of the M3 Wagon to our nation. Supposedly, the M5 station wagon will be fitted with a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 hybrid powertrain from the questionable XM SUV. Having 738 horsepower at its availability, this high-power motor car would provide rapid conveyance when transporting items.

Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW M, revealed to CarBuzz that the potential for a US market for Touring models is being taken into account. “We have been paying attention to our dealers and customers, who are increasingly asking for Touring models. Therefore, we are considering it,” he stated.

The Touring is not the only 5 Series body style that will be missed. Over in China, clients are given the opportunity to buy a long-wheelbase version which grants them enhanced levels of luxury as well as more space for passengers in the back.

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