Infiniti Q50 Electric Concept: Previewing the Future

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Greet the Infiniti Vision Qe concept, the first witness of a forthcoming electric vehicle from Nissan’s high-end arm. It is yet to be officially ratified, but the Vision Qe reportedly stands for something that might substitute the Infiniti Q50 – which has existed since 2013. Alas, this is just a prototype and Infiniti has not disclosed any essential information on the powertrain, driving range, or pricing. What we do know though is that manufacturing of the eventual production model will take place in the US alongside a related Nissan product, likely the upcoming Maxima.

“This concept previews Infiniti’s upcoming design language for the electric era, which the company calls ‘Artistry in Motion.’ The body shape is inspired by ‘Sho,’ a Japanese expression that Infiniti says signifies grace and power. It also encapsulates ‘Sui,’ which stands for fluid, formless things. Infiniti describes the Vision Qe as a fastback, meaning it could have a hatchback instead of a traditional trunk.”

The concept may appear black in these images, but it is actually finished in Shadow Blue paint. This hue is comprised of a deep blue base coat with gold highlights; Infiniti recently unveiled a new logo and brand identity centered around these two colors. To complement this rebranding, the grille has been redesigned for an EV with an LED outline. A “digital piano key” stretches across the front and rear ends and can be lit up in a unique golden color. We will have to wait and see if that detail meets US regulations and makes it to production. An animated lighting sequence plays when the owner returns to the car, giving them a warm welcome back to the vehicle.

“As we embarked on our journey of Artistry in Motion, we stumbled upon the Japanese expression of ‘Sho’, which reflects an elegant and powerful ascendancy. Our designers crafted shapes that, in my eyes, resembled abstracted birds in flight – with a dynamic yet still quality, radiating velocity,” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for Global Design. “The sleek, low profile combined with tapered yet muscular rear fenders conveys effortless motion and purposeful strength.”

It seems as though the idea is an impressive one, however it will likely not be produced unless some considerable transformations take place. Production in Mississippi is anticipated to commence by 20250, thus implying that the manufacture of the Vision Qe can hit the streets as a car year 2026 model. Furthermore, Infiniti provided further information on an upcoming electric SUV entitled the Vision QXe, which would replace the QX80 and a brand-new SUV christened the QX65.

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