Insane 6×6 Military Vehicle with 717-HP Hellcat Engine

Unbelievable Build Surpasses All Others You’ve Seen Before

The initial Humvee, originally designed for military purposes, remains to be one of the most formidable automobiles on the streets. However, this 6×6 customized pickup truck elevates its imposing presence even further, particularly with its impressive 717-horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8 engine.

Designed by Danton Arts Kustoms in collaboration with Frenchy Export LLC, this attention-grabbing vehicle originally rolled off the assembly line as a 2009 AM General Military Humvee, known for its powerful and formidable presence. However, thanks to its recent transformation, the six-wheeler now boasts a sleek and lowered exterior, as well as an impressive engine.

It’s quite rare to spot a Humvee in such low stance, yet it blends well with its personalized front bumper and military green matte finish. The transformation of the body required extensive modifications to adapt to its six-wheel chassis. The aluminum frame was significantly altered, particularly the roof which was trimmed and shaped at the back to give a sloped appearance.

The artisans responsible for constructing this vehicle also utilized the Duraliner typically found on present-day Humvees for designing and details throughout the automobile – a clever addition. The staggered tires are not your average equipment; these rugged pieces were specially crafted and come in sizes 245/40/20 and 305/35/24 for the front and back, respectively.

The back section of the automobile boasts a sizable rear wing that has been modeled after an authentic airplane. It was specifically tailored for the Humvee and adds a unique flair to the design. The tail end brings to mind Hoonigan’s IndyTruck, which features a Honda Ridgeline equipped with an IndyCar motor.

Although its appearance may seem like it has emerged from a post-apocalyptic warzone, the Humvee actually boasts a variety of desirable features. These include a remote start system that can be controlled via smartphone, as well as lights and a horn. The addition of a GM 4L80-E automatic transmission also adds a touch of elegance to the overall package.

Additional features consist of a digital gauge cluster, six-wheel disc braking system, and power-assisted steering. The cabin can hardly be described as lavish, given its raw metal finishes, a sporty steering wheel, cushioned metal seats, and minimalistic plastic accents. However, this stays faithful to the Humvee’s original persona. For a more upscale experience, the preference would be the GMC Hummer EV Pickup.

If you are captivated by this vehicle, you will be delighted to learn that it will go up for auction at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2024 auction on January 20. The event will also feature a Lamborghini Diablo previously owned by Donald Trump.

Without a doubt, this is a specialized car that may not appeal to everyone. However, its commanding presence and ability to catch people’s attention will certainly attract the right individual. The creation of this vehicle is exceptional and stands out as one of the most unconventional six-wheelers we have ever laid eyes on – and that is truly saying something.


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