Militarized GMC Hummer EV Revealed by GM

Military Humvee Follows Civilian Hummer’s Electric Lead

General Motors Defense unveiled its all-new Electric Military Concept Vehicle (EMCV), which The Drive reports is essentially a converted GMC Hummer EV featuring various alterations for the purpose of military use.

The electric-powered vehicle exhibits a design similar to the Chevy Colorado ZR2-based ISV disclosed in 2020; however, it’s a completely distinct organism – notably bigger, apparently more massive, and even more importantly, mute.

Beneath the armed forces olive paint, it offers precisely the same frame and electric powered powertrain as the Hummer EV, which means three electrical motors capable of making a combined mightiness of 1,000hp and 11,500 pound-feet of torque, plus a humongous 212-kWh (205 kWh usable) dual-stacked Ultium battery unit.

Breaking Defence cites a GM Defense representative who asserts that their electric troop carrier can traverse a range of up to 300 miles with a full battery capacity. Additionally, it is equipped with a 12-kW diesel-powered generator for constraint charging.

No luxuries are to be found within the GMC Hummer EV pickup truck intended for transporting people; as opposed to its counterpart designed solely for passengers. It however, boasts of a rollover-proof frame encasing the operator and up to five individuals properly secured with seat belts. That’s pretty much all that has been provided for one’s comfort.

Fox Performance shocks are replacing the traditional air suspension system, a more robust braking apparatus has been fitted, and the approach and departure angles have been improved to provide increased manoeuvrability when travelling on rough terrain. Furthermore, it is equipped with 37-inch tyres and consists of a 46-inch gunring as well as a pendulum side arm mount.

Altogether, the Electric Mobility Concept Vehicle (EMCV) is a Hummer based concept car developed for the US Army’s Electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (eLRV) initiative. In essence, it’s everything its name suggests.

For almost two years, Hummer has been engineering a militarized version of their EV, yet little had been disclosed about it – until now.

It’s questionable that the EMCV will ever be made available to the public, much like its predecessor, the Humvee, which was thanks in no small part to Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, the GMC Hummer EV can already be bought as a retail considered option. Nevertheless, it’s captivating to witness how the same technology used for civilian purposes is adapted for armed forces.

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Sources: The Drive, Breaking Defense

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