Introducing the Kia EV6: Limited Availability!

Base Model Reintroduced in 2022

Kia has resurrected the EV6 Light, attempting to draw in more potential customers for this model, reports CarsDirect. In late 2020, this base variant had been discontinued, supplanted by the Kia Wind as the new beginning of their lineup. An internal dealer bulletin, seen by the publication, highlights its being reinstated; however, Kia’s page on the web does not reveal anything about this reintroduction.

A Kia representative has verified the reemergence of the Light trim level, though it will be accessible only for shoppers in specified areas. That is, customers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington may purchase it.

“Kia is keeping up with the market and other electric vehicle sellers such as VW, who are providing shorter range models in limited quantities,” commented James Hope, a spokesperson for the company. “Kia has taken a similar approach in the Western Region only. Customers who don’t need the greater range value the cost savings.”

CarsDirect made an inquiry to a Kia dealership in the province of Ontario, Canada which confirmed they had an EV6 Light in their inventory. Allegedly, the basic version carries an MSRP of $43,925, producing this vehicle somewhat less expensive than the EV6 Wind, which comes with an MSRP of $48,700, despite the fact that it is $1,230 more expensive than anticipated. Notably, Kia has not released distinguished pricing for this model yet.

Kia’s EV6 Light may score an impressive $7,500 leasing bonus, making it a great value proposition. Unfortunately, this specific model does not qualify for the recent electric vehicle rebates, which could put off prospective buyers. This, however, could be a blessing in disguise on West Coast soil as lower prices may sway those shoppers to give this car a better look.

If the EV6 Light features stay without any alteration, one can anticipate a highest possible range of 232 miles.

The Ioniq 5 SE Standard Range cannot provide the same 310 miles of range that is featured on the Wind trimming level. However, its distance between each charge increases to 220 miles, being cheaper than the Mustang’s Mach-E RWD $42,995 model from the 2023 selection, offering an estimated range of 250 miles.

It would be unreasonable to overlook Tesla’s Model 3, which can be attained for a mere $40,240. Boasting a formidable EPA-calculated range of 272 miles, the car is arguably among the top choices in its class. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Kia has made the choice to relaunch the Light EV6. Yet, will it have the same excellence as its powerful adversaries? Among them, we find Volkswagen ID.4 Standard, costing $38,995.

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