Powerful and Seductive: Unveiling the 240 HP Abarth 600e

Introducing the Limited Edition Scorpionissima Abarth 600e at Launch

Abarth has unveiled the first glimpse of their latest creation, the 600e high-performance electric crossover, which is touted as their most potent model to date.

In its concluding phase of testing, the renowned Italian company has unveiled an early glimpse of its freshest creation. Standing shorter and broader than its foundational vehicle, the Abarth 600e boasts a striking resemblance to a high-performance hatchback rather than a rugged crossover – a promising development. The front facade showcases a sharply cut, squared-off bumper expertly adorned with sleek carbon fiber accents. Moreover, sporty blade-shaped 20-inch rims tightly occupy the wheel wells, leaving minimal space between them.

The side panels are adorned with additional carbon fiber, and a striking rear spoiler juts out from the back. Is this compact electric SUV cause for hype?

The showcased model above is the initial edition of Scorpionissima, displayed in the striking Hypnotic Purple hue. To celebrate the founding year of the company, only 1,949 units will be crafted, and it is anticipated that this variant will also boast unique embellishments. A certificate of authenticity will accompany every Scorpionissima.

Abarth claims that the Scorpionissima is guaranteed to excite drivers with its 240-horsepower engine and mechanical limited-slip differential. In creating the Abarth 600e, the brand, which is owned by Stellantis, went beyond simply increasing power. The eCMP vehicle structure was carefully adjusted to produce the Perfo-eCMP platform, equipping the Abarth with improved nimbleness and expertise. Beneath the surface, you’ll discover a suspension system specially tuned for performance and a novel braking mechanism featuring larger brake discs. Even the tires, inspired by the high-speed world of Formula E racing, were engineered to offer superior traction without sacrificing driving range.

Fiat USA has no current intentions of introducing the 500e to the American market, making the Abarth 600e to continue being exclusively available in Europe. Likewise, the regular Fiat 600e will not make an appearance in the US. However, it is hoped that the Abarth 500e will eventually make its way to American shores.

Information about the Abarth’s performance and range is likely to be disclosed as the on-sale date approaches. It is our hope that the Abarth will be able to meet or at least approach the WLTP-estimated 249-mile distance offered by the Fiat 600e.

Abarth has announced that their latest model, the 600e Scorpionissima, is currently being featured in a commercial being filmed in Milan. This likely means that the official reveal is just around the corner. It is worth mentioning that Stellantis, the parent company of Abarth, recently gave a sneak peek at the upcoming Lancia Ypsilon, which will also be released in a limited edition. If we’re lucky, the Ypsilon may also come equipped with the impressive 240-horsepower engine. One can only hope that they will give this version a fitting name befitting its sporty nature, such as HF or Integrale.

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