Italian Coachbuilder Revives Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

Ares Modena: Luxury Sedan to Limited-Edition Coupe.

Ares Modena is breathing life back into the luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe with a new, limited release based on the present four-door huge automobile. At one time, Rolls-Royce had available a two-door Coupe version of the Phantom, but it and its convertible equivalent have not been in production since 2016, leaving those wanting for opulence without the option of the electric Spectre.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom’s Ares Coupé seeks to correct this, though it considerably minimizes the level of personalization available – clients may solely pick from either a white or black exterior finish, both complemented by a distinctive rose gold hood and windshield edge.

Virtually no specifics are revealed in the social media posts regarding the brand new model, yet evidently the wheelbase has been reduced and the rear redesigned to match up with its new measurement. Besides the gigantic emblems on each of the front fenders along with the little ones at the end of the window shell, it might be tricky to tell this from a custom-made automobile from Goodwood.

Once we step inside, “new materials and handmade finishes” greet us, but no further details are given. We can only speculate that the cabin of the vehicle will offer more personalization options than the exterior. The renders demonstrate various fresh finishes for the dashboard and other surfaces, with the center armrest and steering wheel both bearing the Ares logo.

Owing to the narrowness of what is available externally, there is no way of guessing how much flexibility will be permitted to customers when they are creating the affixed position of their fantasies. However, it would appear sensible that this should not be restricted at all. Although we are uncertain, the figures probably won’t rival those attained by the celebrated mansions fashioned by Roll-Royce, such as the Drop Tail, which was apparently sold to four patrons for quantities above $30 million.

Prior endeavours from Ares Modena have comprised of a fabricator-made C8 Corvette, a modernized version of the vintage De Tomaso Pantera (officially called ‘Panther’) and even an open-top Tesla Model S. The organisation has additionally formulated its own vehicles, incorporating a hypercar branded as the Ares S Project.

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