Jaguar E-Type EV: 160-HP & Vintage Design

Restomoded 61-Year-Old Roadster by British Firm

Despite certain drawbacks, such as cost and heftiness, there are numerous attractive qualities to be taken into consideration with electric cars. Especially charming are the transformations of iconic vehicles to motionless eco-friendly rides! We have seen plenty of these restyled Jaguars becoming alluring zero-emission automobiles. Fortunately, now there’s a new addition to the range of possibilities. Having various options is obviously beneficial, wouldn’t you agree?

The beautiful opalescent silver-blue E-Type which can be viewed in the gallery below is the very first customer vehicle to have been supplied by UK company Electrogenic. Although it maintains its classic exterior design, beneath its attractive shell lies a fully electric powertrain designed and produced by Electrogenic. This drop-in kit – one of several diverse models available – has been fitted into the 1962 Series 1 Roadster, providing an updated driving experience and future-securing the car.

The aftermarket corporation has fitted the so-called E43 bundle, featuring a battery including 43 kilowatt-hours of capacity, granting a travel-range spanning over 150 miles between two recharges. The highest output of the electric engine stands at 160 horsepower (or 120 kilowatts) combined with 460 pound-feet (620 Newton-meters) of instantaneous torque, forming it underpowered yet more powerful than the original inline-six combustion motors. Running 0-60 mph takes less than six seconds.

Electrogenic appears to be particularly pleased with the successful inclusion of nearly all parts of the electric drive system into the existing engine bay and transfer tunnel. Furthermore, the company proclaims it has effectively maintained the weight ratio of the automobile and even improved it for more optimal control. Additionally, 48- and 64-kWh battery packs can be obtained, whereby the batteries are located in the rear seat location. Remarkably, equipping the restored E-Type with the largest possible battery option does not add on any further poundage than a model driven by conventional force.

Source: Electrogenic

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