Japanese Kei Car: Supercar DNA Seeking US Owner

Limited Quantity: Only 50 Units Made

If you never heard of an Autozam AZ-1, it is no problem. This rare little vehicle, originating from Japan, does not ring much of a bell and one may be pondering why to be aware of it in the 1st place. The answer is pretty simple – its remarkable feature. This tiny two-door features a position for its engine that would be familiar to bigger and stronger supercar competitors, with a mid-engine turbo, manual transmission setup, accompanied by gullwing openings.

A singular AZ-1 is presently available for sale here in the United States. An exclusive M2-1015, of which there only are approximately fifty existent, it features salient augmentation that sets it apart, such as front fog lamps together with a renewed housetop spoiler. What adds to its desirability are the non-standard modifications, including a sonorous tailpipe, a trendy Momo wheel, and gauges centrally located in the cabin. These don’t pervert the stock look but rather seem to be augmenting it considerably.

Under the bonnet, this mini-sized sports car is fitted with a mid-mounted 657 cubic centimeter turbocharged three-cylinder motor, creating around 63 horsepower and 63 lb-ft of torque. Power is channelled to the back wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. Pretty impressive for an automobile weighing in at less than 1,600 lbs.

It is noteworthy that this AZ-1 has a coveted US title, which eliminates the complicated process of importing it from overseas. The Kei car, which is used in Japan and has a right-hand drive, is officially registered in New Jersey, showcasing its odometer reading of approximately 79,000 kilometers, or about 49,100 miles.

You’d better act at the double if you want to secure this unusual gem. The bidding period for Cars and Bids comes to a close in just approximately eight hours as of creating this piece. The current highest bid stands at $22,015. Amplified information is accessible from the source connection underneath.

Source: Cars and Bids

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