? Honda e: Say Goodbye?

Toyota Crown Special Edition: Matte Dark Paint

Honda will be concluding manufacture of the e come the following month, and Toyota Japan is issuing a specialised version of the Crown featuring an eye-catching all-matte finish.

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Honda’s recently-revealed electric car, the e, has been terminated. The supermini, which had just made its official debut not too long ago, will sadly no longer be hitting roads. Honda’s highly-anticipated electric vehicle, the e, has been cancelled. The compact car, which was just unveiled recently, is unfortunately not going to be on sale.

Raise your arm if you predicted this would happen. Soon, Honda’s fashion-forward electric commuter will no longer exist. An increase of sleek, new hybrids and EVs adorned with the H emblem is seeing this small hatchback put out to pasture. In accordance with a statement circulated on their Japanese website, production will terminate in January 2024.

The vintage-inspired vehicle was blighted with two primary flaws from the very beginning: cost and battery range. Indeed, the Honda e’s WLTP rating ranges between 137 miles to a maximum, dependent on the specification and size of wheels. In France, the high-grade Advance version commences at a significantly pricey €42,100. Despite its appeal, the engaging electric car never managed to become popular amongst buyers; hence its short lifespan of just three years isn’t much of a surprise.

The Toyota Crown is now being absolutely outfitted with Matte paint directly from the factory! The luxuriously-appointed vehicle treasurers this new color option, allowing owners to make a unique statement on the roads. No more will you have to get matte paint added afterward — it can now be sourced right when you order your Crown. The Toyota Crown is now coming fully equipped with Matte paint straight from the premises! This exquisite automobile flaunts this new colour variant, making it possible for customers to create a distinct impression on the streets. Gone are the times of needing to have matte paint separately added – it can be accessed when purchasing the Crown.

Matte paint is usually associated with luxury cars, but Toyota’s eccentric Crown sedan is bucking the trend in Japan. Dubbed “The Limited-Matte Metal”, this shadowy finish is exclusive to Crown showrooms in the country. What sets it apart is a thin coat of protection that makes it more resilient and easier to clean.

Besides the fresh coat of paint, it also obtains twenty-one inch rims featuring a matte black finish and centre caps skilfully imprinted with the royal badge as opposed to Toyota’s symbolic representation. An optional dealer-installed side ornament sportin’ a likewise matte metallic appearance was furthermore offered to help with the trim round the wheel arches. The leather-based interior is typically dark and has etchings made together with laser on the dashboard to allude to the automobile’s distinguishing status.

Toyota Japan has a starting price of 7.5 million yen, roughly equivalent to $51,600 at the current exchange rate. For comparison, the 2020 Crown is priced from $40,050 in the United States for the XLE variant, and goes up to $53,070 for the Platinum trim.

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