Jumbo Van: VW Crafter, Digital Dash & Gear Lever

Diesel Engine, All-Wheel Drive Optional

The success of the Volkswagen Crafter is indisputable, with more than 354,000 of its current generation being bought by the end of last year. Having become a favorite among those seeking a dependable panel van, versatile dropside, effective chassis, Grand California camper van or platform for second-stage manufacturers, the model’s excellence could not go unnoticed. Despite the fact that it cannot be found in US markets, we still deemed it important enough to bring attention to its mid-cycle update, released by VW’s Commercial Vehicles division.

Upon catching a glimpse of a Crafter, you can instantly tell that there have been no alterations to the exterior. As observed in spy shots taken in September of this year, the substantial upgrades are located in the interior with the addition of an all-new infotainment system complete with either a 10.3 or 12.9 inch screen on the center console. If the graphics look somewhat familiar, it is because these systems are derived from the new modular infotainment matrix (MIB) as confirmed by the ID Buzz Long Wheelbase.

The digitization continues to make waves with the latest digitalized instrument cluster, which is now built as standard. Drivers can pick and choose from different perspectives and the monitor offers an array of categories and data presentations, from navigation and telephone facilities to a variety of audio repositories. All this can be handled through the revolutionary multi-function steering component.

A remarkable transformation is provided through the utilization of a new electric parking brake, supplanting the conventional emergency brake of the earlier version. The gear shift is now situated on the steering wheel pillar in a similar fashion as the ID. Buzz, leading to extra space being conserved in the central console. Cars fitted with a manual shift have retained the old format while a USB-C charging port situated at the top window trim permits custom gadgets to be used without hindering the driver’s field of sight.

The Crafter still presents a plethora of body types, from panel vans to dropside vans, chassis cabs, box bodied vehicles, and tippers, providing various customers with what they need. Its selection includes front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, as well as all-wheel drive systems; each coupled with both manual or automatic transmissions. Motors are four-cylinder turbocharged diesels which supply 140hp, 163hp, and 177hp respectively.

Volkswagen will commence accepting bookings for their latest Crafter from April 2020 in Europe. Over the next few months, buyers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America are able to purchase the vehicle.

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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