VW Arteon’s Production Discontinued, Wagon Model Remains in the Market

Long-roof model stays until 2026: A lasting trend.

In June of 2023, Thomas Schäfer, the CEO of Volkswagen, unveiled a new strategy to discontinue several low-selling models in order to shift attention to more in-demand vehicles. While the CEO mentioned plans to phase out the Arteon, no specific date was mentioned. However, it has now been revealed that the sleeker Passat model has already been terminated – with a catch.

A Volkswagen representative verified in a recent correspondence with Motor1 that the final production of the Arteon sedan (in actuality, a liftback) will take place in 2023. Martin Hube, official spokesperson for the Arteon, Passat, Touareg, and the upcoming ID.2, acknowledged that the Emden plant in Germany has ceased production of the Arteon. Nevertheless, the assembly of the wagon variant will continue at the Osnabrück factory.

According to Martin Hube, there will be no alterations made to the life span of the Arteon Shooting Brake, as it will continue to be manufactured until 2026. Interestingly, Volkswagen failed to distribute the elongated-roof version in the American market, while Europeans have access to a powerful R variant. It is disheartening that the regular Arteon is coming to an end, especially since the newest Passat can only be obtained as a station wagon now.

Volkswagen is indirectly phasing out the Arteon and Passat sedans in favor of the fully electric ID.7 liftback. The company has already released a preview of the model, and a more functional ID.7 Tourer wagon is expected to debut in 2024. However, at this time, only the standard ID.7 has been officially announced for the North American market.

The well-known German automaker, headquartered in Wolfsburg, is gearing up to bid farewell to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. This was confirmed after the latest version of the Golf received a facelift, as it will be the final model of its kind to feature ICE technology. This shift towards electric vehicles will also be seen in the recently launched next-generation Tiguan and the upcoming smaller crossover, T-Roc.The company’s ambitious plan is to exclusively produce and sell electric vehicles in Europe by the year 2032. This announcement is expected to have a significant impact, considering that many models under the VW umbrella are closely related to those from Skoda, SEAT, Cupra, and Audi.

In other regions, Volkswagen has varied objectives in China. The latest Magotan essentially mirrors the 2024 Passat, but with a distinctive appearance and will be available for purchase alongside the CC, known as the Arteon locally.

In the near future, the corporation aims to decrease the duration of new car development from 50 to 36 months while maintaining high standards. This choice is a component of a larger strategy to significantly lower expenses. In addition to the Arteon, Volkswagen is discontinuing production of the peculiar T-Roc Convertible after only one cycle.

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