Kentucky State Police Gets Ford Mustang S650 GT

The Kentucky State Police Look Great!

The State Police of Kentucky have now declared the incorporation of the brand-new Ford Mustang GT as its most recent patrol vehicle. Absolutely, the law enforcers of the Bluegrass State have obtained a powerful 480-horsepower tool to help secure the region’s roads and highways. It will certainly grant reckless speeders and street hustlers something worthy to think twice about prior to disregarding traffic regulations.

As demonstrated in the Twitter post put out by Kentucky State Trooper and US Marine Veteran Jason Adkinson, the brand-new Mustang patrol vehicles were equipped with suitable motif designs. Besides that, they appear largely standard, but we speculate that the police now are not concluded outfitting the automobiles just yet.

In a way, this is a “return to Ford” moment for the Kentucky State Police. The 1990s saw the Special Service Package (SSP) for the Foxbody platform used by them and many other police departments in the United States. But the new Mustang is a much more stylish ride compared to the rather square SSP Foxbody Mustangs of the past.

The S650 does not feature a Ford-built kit especially for law enforcement; however, as mentioned above, there will undoubtingly be enhancements that will enable police officers to work with higher efficacy. Evidently, an image of the car has surfaced featuring a rotatable laptop mount.

It has been observed that multiple law enforcement agencies in America have started to take a liking to muscle cars. An earlier analysis commended these vehicles for being discreet, particularly when they are bundled with unmarked car features. Even with all the specks of distinguishing items such as liveries, some people will still erroneously presume a Mustang cop car is an ordinary car.

Undoubtedly, the S650’s 5.0-liter V8 powerplant provides a noteworthy force. Granted, when taking into account enthusiastic driving, this motor does not suffice in enabling one to vie with supercars. Nevertheless, in the day-to-day world, it is more than enough to outrun rogue Nissan Altimas, Honda Civics, and of course, those poor souls being doggedly pursued in the dreaded Kia Challenge.

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