Kia EV5: An Up-Close Look

Explore Kia’s New Electric Vehicle.

Just last month, the all-new Kia EV5 was unveiled, offering us a glimpse of the marque’s most up-to-date electric car.

Modeled in the style of the avant-garde EV9, this minuscule crossover will be made in China and sold off-shore. Apart from the public pictures, we still have yet to get a better view of the EV5 but an all-new video has finally given us an actual glimpse of the electric crossover “live”.

Carscoops were the first to uncover a new video from Korea that gives us a closer look at the EV5. The front end has a stylish headlight design that frames the digital “Tiger Face”. LED Lighting gives the Kia superior road visibility during night time driving, while also giving the front fascia a more luxurious look.

The headlights are related by an understated lightbar that traverses across the hood. Generally, we can detect hints of Volvo in the facade, especially with the new electricity-driven EX series.

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This example is fitted with 18-inch alloys equipped with an advanced four-spoke design, unlike the whimsical three-spoke design of the concept version. Even on busy Korean roads, the EV5 appears quite unassuming in size.

According to official figures submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the EV5 stands at 181.7 inches from front to back. This makes it marginally shorter than the Sportage, even though they both boast the same-sized wheelbase. Thanks to not needing a usual transmission, Kia designers could create more space in the interior yet still keep the EV5’s size modest.

The EV5 measures 73.8 inches wide and 67.5 inches high. Packing a sizeable battery unit, it weighs in at an imposing 4,123 pounds. Allegedly sold in China, the electric motor in this version generates 215 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque. The maximum range for this variation is said to reach 372 miles.

Nevertheless, the here visible road-parked exemplar seemingly consists of a Korean version, thus likely comprising a distinct battery set as well as potential dissimilar electric engines. The one hosting the video perceives the conveyance as a trial-run prototype, explaining a great deal of the suspicious fitment discrepancies (e.g., observe how the fender of the bonnet line up).

Anticipation has been growing for additional information regarding the Korean variations, and it appears that more particulars should be announced in the impending weeks. This will likely offer us a clearer perception of this particular crossover model. The EV5, available currently in the Chinese market, is anticipated to be brought to dealerships during the remainder of this year; in consequence, it is expected to arrive in Korea sooner or later within the upcoming year.

It is to be hoped that the US will soon get the EV5. Kia has illustrated their aptitude for making impressive electric automobiles; a subcompact crossover (constructed on fantastic E-GMP technology) would be hugely successful in America, particularly if they could attain a cost-effective price point.

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