Kia: Respect EV9 MSRP For Dealers

Kia Requests EV9 Retail Price Not Exceed Actual Value

Kia Motors is continuing its expansion of electric vehicles in the US with the EV9, a full-sized SUV. The South Korean car giant is dedicated to offering customers the EV9 at its designated MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) as outlined by Cars Direct. Accordingly, Kia has requested that its dealers adhere to the stated retail rate.

Apparently, dealers have not been sparing in enforcing elevated premiums for EVs and other greatly sought-after cars. That is still a major obstruction preventing people from buying electric vehicles, even though automakers are striving to do away with this concern. To illustrate this better, the rare 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 model is even being affected by an inflated rate of up to one hundred thousand dollars.

It appears that Kia has had several unfortunate episodes regarding dealer overcharging. When the prize-winning EV6 SUV commenced to arrive at US dealers in early 2022, certain dealerships attempted to capitalize on its attractiveness. Nonetheless, the automaker dramatically shifted the situation by supplying lucrative incentives for the EV6 through exploiting specific loopholes. Specifically, some Kia dealers were said to have been adding up to 25,000 dollars to the MSRP of the vehicle.

. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price does not cover the delivery costs of $1,495.

Welcome to Kia, the automotive manufacturer dedicated to offering you the best ride possible. We design and create cars that don’t just bring you from point A to point B, but that take you on a journey. Our vehicles are crafted with your comfort in mind, equipped with the latest technology and designed to keep you safe wherever your road may lead you.Greetings! At Kia, we want you to have an exceptional driving experience. We producing automobiles that are not only effective in getting from one place to another, but that also provide an amazing trip. With comfort as a priority, our vehicles are developed with the newest technological advances and intended to guarantee security during a voyage.

Drawing upon from the experiences made with EV6, Kia is vigorously asking of its dealerships to not take any identical actions pertaining to EV9. Holding high hopes in the upcoming EV9’s success, though its outset into provisions at dealerships is likely to be minimal, projections suggest more sizable amounts beginning 2024. To properly prepare for EV9’s appearance, a quick letter was sent to all Kia retailers. Cars Direct fortuitously got their hands on one.

In her communication to dealers, Kia made a request for EV9s to be offered with no markup on the MSRP, citing that such transparency in pricing is an essential ingredient of the buying experience. Bookings for this new electric vehicle commenced on 16th October with a $750 charge applicable to its selling price; customers may choose to buy or lease the EV9.

Besides the MSRP, car buyers must factor in extra charges and taxes. These may incorporate transportation costs as well as various applicable fees. Furthermore, any additional features and bundles added on top of that will impact the final price. Manufacturers attempt to make these additional costs clear by displaying them on their online configurators. Nevertheless, these figures omit markups since those are outside the manufacturer’s power.

In essence, dealers are the ones responsible for imposing markups, exploiting a certain model’s fame or rarity. Although automakers attempt to prevent dealers from marking up prices, they have been observing them at many stores. According to an article by Cars Direct, car manufacturers cannot do much with respect to dealers who add markups since it depends on market conditions. For instance, Ford is presently seeing elevated dealer markups for its newly introduced 2024 Mustang, which proves this issue does not only pertain to Kia. By issuing the notice, Kia has taken a positive action; however, the proof of dealers adhering to it still remains to be seen.

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