Kids Ride on Muscle Car: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Cheap Alternative Under $200

As the time for Dodge’s Charger and Challenger nears its conclusion, the automaker has released various Last Call exclusive editions to commemorate these beloved vehicles. With that said, the toy makers at iRerts have now made it possible for children to get in on the festivities with diminutive versions of the impressive Charger SRT Hellcat.

Initially found by Mopar aficionados, the ride-on car is motivated by the ominous sedan but is much tinier than its actual sister. Measuring 42.91 inches in length, 26.77 inches wide, and 19.69 inches in height, it’s ideal for younger children ranging from two to five years old.

Whilst the bona fide iteration is powered by a 717-horsepower supercharged V8 engine, the iRerts rendition is energised by two 390-watt motors and a 12-volt battery, achieving a peak speed of 2.8 mph.

The battery grants approximately two hours of entertainment; however, it is highly advised to recharge the vehicle overnight, which requires anything from eight to twelve hours. Though this period of charging may not be desirable, it offers one’s inaugural experience with electric vehicle possession.

If your youngster gets bored of steering, a remote control allows you to act as the chauffeur and transport them back and forth. The Charger has some fantastic features that make taking a spin around the garden such a breeze. Kids are going to love the plastic tyres that make for a comfy journey, whatever ground there is beneath them! Plus, with just one press of a button, they can get going.

“The LED lights give a realistic touch to the package, and there are plenty of other great features, too. You’ll find a USB port, Bluetooth, a power display, and a seatbelt for safety. Of course, there’s also a functional horn and a ‘Sport+’ option, which we think disables the traction and stability control so your kids can do some drifting!”

Perhaps it makes its presence known by producing a V8 acoustic through the integrated audio system…

This will help the little ones become accustomed to electric, muscle-type vehicles like the Charger Daytona SRT concept vehicle. This electric powerhouse has a Fratzonic Inlet Manifold, maintaining a distinctive sound through intensifying the noise generated by its electrical powertrains.

A variety of shades, counting red, ebony, salmon and white, may be picked from. The double-arm rims have been painted in black and feature vermillion brake calipers, which will entice any prospective car fanatic. This is certainly not iRerts’ initial electrically powered Dodge ride-on car; the last calendar year they presented a Challenger design which might also be equipped with policemans paints.

If your kids are not into creative cars (like the toy replica of the McLaren Senna), this Charger might be the trigger that converts them into enthusiastic devotees of Detroit muscle autos. Set for a range of $199.99 to $249.99, it is much more affordable than a real Charger – especially in light of the outrageous markups contaminating cars like it.

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