Kona Electric N Line Photographed With No Camouflage

Kona Revs Up with All-Electric Sporty Design

An undisguised Hyundai Kona Electric N Line has recently been observed operating in South Korea. This circumstance is not the first to be recorded of a sportified version of the Kona Electric, subsequent to images of an entirely concealed illustration having been published yesterday.

Healer TV recently caught a glimpse of the electric Kona, showcasing its key design elements without being obstructed by any swirling marks or robust panels. This video presents a clear and spirited styling, with the front bumper being accented with black cladding and featuring a minor N Line emblem on the front grille. This signifies certain visuals that are present on the Internal Combustion Engine driven Kona N Line, but also features an electricity port and digital image at the front.

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On either side, the prototype includes N line identification marks and fresh, custom-designed wheels with the N logo, appearing distinctly different from the Kona N Line’s stock pieces and potentially increasing the aerodynamic capability of the electric version. The backside still has N Line style components in common with the ICE-fuelled model, in particular the more aggressive rear bumper and dark dual-wing spoiler, though devoid of dual tailpipes.

Happily, similar to the outside, the interior of the Kona Electric N Line has been totally revealed in the video. There appears to be a combination of leather and suede furnishings, highlighted by red racing stripes with N badges fastened onto it. There is additional red decor on the steering wheel and dashboard.

We have had a glimpse of its exterior and interior, however, the powertrain specifications for the Kona Electric N Line remain a mystery. As it is with the standard Kona series, we presume that the electric N Line will likely be positioned between the basic Kona Electric and the more elaborate Kona Electric N, on the off chance that the latter shows up. It is important to take into consideration that the present top-of-the-line Kona Electric outfitted with a 64.8 kilowatt-hour battery delivers 201 horse power and 188 pound-feet of torque. Nonetheless Uncertain, we are confident that the Kona Electric N could well exceed 300 horsepower.

We can anticipate learning more information in the coming months relating to the jaunty edition of the Kona Electric, a 2024 finalist for North American Car of the Year. Provided the overwhelmingly strong appeal that the Ioniq 5 N showcases, it is likely that this diminutive electric crossover will develop a similar following.

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