Lamborghini Aventador – A Forces to be Reckoned With

Diablo SE30’s Paint and Wheels Revived

In a few days, the new Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae will be making its grand debut; nonetheless, Wheels Boutique, located in Florida, is here to remind everyone that the current mid-engine super car should still be acknowledged and celebrated, particularly with its extreme color tone and fitting rims.

This example is completed in the resplendent Viola, a tribute to the business’s 30th year of existence, the same hue employed for the special Diablo SE30. To enhance the eye-catching facade, a set of S3-X0 ANRKY wheels has been added, harmoniously blending in with the overall look.

These rims feature Michelin tires sizing 21 inches in the front and 22 inches in the back, providing an additional visual element to the vehicle with their bright yellow brake calipers. According to Wheels Boutique, this setup is ideal to bid winter farewell for northern hemisphere dwellers as we move into spring.

The latest Aventador, the LP 780-4 Ultimate, can be customized with Viola Aletheia Metallic from the personalization Ad Personam palette, alongside Viola Blast and Viola 30 Degrees Metallic. Besides this unique model, few other cars manage to sport these daring shades; yet bold colors have traditionally been associated with Lamborghini’s mid-engined supercars, similarly as they have with the Dodge Challenger’s own wacky color selection.

Besides its exclusive paint job, this Aventador is fitted with an iPE exhaust system and it’s almost inconceivable to consider that the 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 can sound any better. Yielding 769 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque, it’s absolutely one of the finest internal combustion engines of our period.

Codenamed LB744, the successor to the Aventador Ultimae will be powered by a V12 engine plus two electric motors that will drive the front wheels. Boasting an impressive combined output of 1,001 hp, the plug-in hybrid supercar is equipped with an updated eight-speed dual-clutch transmission which rectifies one of the Ultimae’s primary shortcomings – its inefficient seven-speed semi-automatic single-clutch gearbox, which encountered difficulty at slower speeds. As well as this, the PHEV also features an all-electric driving mode and, thanks to this silent mode, it will be quite peculiar to experience a Lamborghini before you hear it.

Once the hybrid inheritor of the Aventador appears, we anticipate that it would be just as much customisable as its predecessor. Thus, enabling customers to make their choices from a grand range of ostentatious paints, exotic interior furnishings, and plenty more.

The big unveil will happen on the 29th of March, offering us our first real glimpse at the incredible Aventador. Until then however, we can enjoy these dreamy photos of the ever-stunning supercar.

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