Trump’s $1.1M Lamborghini Diablo VT Sells for Record Price

45th US President Owned 1997 Le Mans Blue VT Roadster from ’97-’02: One-of-a-Kind Find

At Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction, a one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, commissioned by ex-President Donald Trump, was recently sold for an impressive $1.1 million. This transaction solidifies it as one of the most prized Diablos in existence.

In 1997, it was Donald Trump who made the decision to purchase this brand new Diablo VT Roadster, precisely requesting for it to be painted in the striking shade of Blu Le Mans. Although this particular color was not offered by Lamborghini at the time, reports from Barrett-Jackson indicate that Trump had a close affiliation with the brand and managed to persuade them to approve his unique color choice. Hence, this specific Diablo VT Roadster holds the distinction of being the sole model from 1997 to bear this exclusive paint job, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the Diablo VT Roadster was customized by Lamborghini for Trump and features a unique plaque on the door that reads “Donald Trump 1997 Diablo.” The car’s color was not the only customization, as the 5.7-liter V12 engine with 492 hp was left untouched, allowing the mid-engine supercar to reach a maximum speed of 202 mph.

Donald Trump sold the car during the summer of 2002, but that is not the end of the tale. The vehicle was later noticed for sale on eBay in 2016, being advertised by a current owner who supposedly purchased it in 2005. It remains uncertain if the Lamborghini has had different owners between then and the present time.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the recent auction of Trump’s previous Diablo has set a new global record for Diablo sales. Based on current Bring A Trailer auction outcomes, other Diablo VT Roadsters in comparable condition but lacking the celebrity association usually receive bids that are approximately fifty percent lower (or even less) than this particular one.

Despite its origins, this Diablo VT Roadster was not left unused for the beginning of its existence. In 2016, it was put up for sale on eBay with a mileage of 14,655. However, it seems that the person who bought it did not take it out for many drives; at the Barrett-Jackson auction on Saturday, it only had 15,431 miles on the odometer. Let’s hope that the new owner takes advantage of this opportunity and puts more miles on the clock, truly experiencing all that this car has to offer.

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