Lamborghini Earns 2022 Profits Over Rivals

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Lamborghini had a history-making 2021, sending out 9,233 cars and achieving a turnover far surpassing €2 billion (around $2.15 billion) for the first time. The actual revenue came to €2.38 billion ($2.56 billion), which is an increase of 22% from 2020 and more than twice the amount it reached five years prior.

By 2022, Lamborghini had achieved a remarkable operating margin of 25.9% – the highest in its class. This resulted in a remarkable operating income of $661 million, representing an increase of 56% from 2021. To put it plainly, Lamborghini is the top performing car manufacturer for high-end cars, which is no small feat. It’s worth noting that Rolls Royce and Bentley had exceptionally successful years in 2022 as well.

“Our enterprise continues to expand, and we are delighted to announce the attainment of truly impressive goals once more in 2022,” declared Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “These results are especially meaningful as this year marks the 60th anniversary of the company and the commencement of the second phase of the Direzione Cor Tauri program: an unprecedented investment plan that will direct our expansion, result in further enhancements in our financial performance, and amplify the worth of our brand and our firm.”

Winkelmann has made mention of the marque’s shift to an electrification strategy, and which officially begins with the upcoming Aventador sequel. First will be a plug-in hybrid V12 halo model, followed soon by the expectedHuracan successor. By 2024, the entire line-up will have been converted to electric power and the Urus SUV is estimated to go all-electric in 2029.

For the first time, Lamborghini has achieved sales of over 9,000 units, with their expected distribution of models. At the forefront came the Urus with a total of 5,367 sold, followed by the Huracan at 3,113. Sadly, fewer Aventadors were shifted as production on that model ended in September, all in all only 753 being purchased.

The United States of America is still Lamborghini’s predominant buyer, with a staggering 2,721 models delivered. China, Hong Kong and Macao came in second at 1,018 units supplied, whilst Germany took third place with 808 cars sold. The UK was fourth with 650 vehicles dispatched and Japan rounded off the top five with 546 automobiles provided.

“The economic and geopolitical landscape has been difficult in recent times, yet we have demonstrated our resiliency and our ability to achieve remarkable economic and financial success,” stated Paolo Poma, Managing Director and CFO of Automobili Lamborghini. “2022 was our most successful year ever in terms of business and financial results. This gives us a positive outlook on the development of our brand and company.”

The impending arrival of many new vehicles produces great anticipation for Lamborghini’s future success, with the potential to enhance their already impressive profit ratios.

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