Lamborghini Unveils Spectacular Huracan STO 10° Anniv.

Not the End for Huracan Yet.

Lamborghini recently presented a unique edition of the Huracan STO at the World Finals 2023. Its alluring livery was motivated by the SC63 Le Mans hypercar exposed at Goodwood earlier in the year. This custom vehicle, developed by Ad Personam Opera Unica division of Lamborghini, is the first legally authorized motorcar produced by Sant’Agata’s Squadra Corse racers to acquire a performance enhancement package. Certainly, this would not mark its last.

, and a set of 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with center-locking hubs.The exterior of the car has been updated with a two-tone theme featuring Verde Mantis (green) and Nero Noctis (black). The roof and one-piece clamshell hood, known as the cofango, have been accented with a tricolor band. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Squadra Corse, each door has been adorned with a “Squadra Corse 10° Anniversario” logo, while the Squadra Corse emblem can be found on the car’s central fin. Additionally, a full carbon fiber package with a Rosso Mars (red) pinstripe accent has been added, along with a set of 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with center-locking hubs.

It can be hard to make out because of the palette and capricious nighttime shots, but the grilles in the bonnet now boast two entirely new carbon fiber add-ons that are designed to enhance front aerodynamics. When customizing the airflow in the front, one often has to do the equivalent at the rear; this STO accordingly flaunts a rear wing that is tilted three degrees more than its mass market version. We speculate it will marginally influence the maximal velocity (close to 192 mph for the stock STO).

Lamborghini recently unveiled a set of racing-inspired shock absorbers featuring four-way adjustability that improves rebound and compression at both superior and inferior frequencies. This arrangement replaces the preceding active suspension, in addition to new Bridgestone tires providing remarkable performance, dependability while on the raceway.

At last, a titanium exhaust from Akrapovic was installed.

Within, Nero Ade Alcantara pairs up with Verde Fauns to provide an alternative vision of the automotive’s black and green ambience. Additionally, the sports seating is equipped with four-point safety harnesses. Stylistically, the installation of an aluminum roll bar, a carbon fiber floor covering, plus a singular carbon plaque on the back firewall finish off the improvements.

“The introduction of the Lamborghini SCV12 is much more than just a tribute to the Italian automaker’s racing division,” says Rouven Mohr, Chief Technical Officer at Lamborghini. “It is a tangible demonstration of how the experience gained in motorsport can be applied to the road product.” He further noted that Squadra Corse’s expertise is a valuable asset that should be showcased on exclusive models and limited-run road series with a racing focus, indicating that more low-volume, race-inspired special editions are on their way.

The next model to follow the Huracan is predicted to make its debut in late 2024, thus granting this popular vehicle a prolonged period of attention over the forthcoming months.

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