Lamborghini’s Enhanced Performance: Active Toe & Camber Tech

Speeding Up The Nordschleife: Active Wheel Hubs.

Lamborghini is presently examining the newest occurrence in vehicle movement, the Active Wheel Center. This latest tech bestows programming with increased authority over the car, shifting the wheels’ toe and camber settings on a real-time basis.

The up-to-date system furnishes automobiles with a maximum of 2.5 degrees of positive or 5.5degrees of negative camber. Furthermore, the toe can alter upwards to 6.6 degrees inwards or outwards, amending to 60degrees per second.

Lamborghini takes the helm in controlling their advanced system, amplified by up-leveling to a 400-volt technology designed for plug-ins, hybrids and electric cars. A hefty assembly enclosing the rotating flanges directive of camber and toe tweaking is also present. This unique method, crafted by Lamborghini, links up to the shafts from the transmission and wheel hubs on the rear end.

After testing, the business discovered that its system could make their vehicles up to 2.5 seconds quicker on Nardo, percieved 2.2 second gains at Imola, and up to 5 seconds faster around the Nordschleife. Furthermore, Lamborghini reported that this system will deliver up to 25% stronger cornering capacity.

The technology is still in its growth phase, not yet having undergone the concluding touch of assessments. However, suggests that it could be utilized in Lamborghini cars within a span of one to one and a half years. There is also speculation that it will feature on the upcoming Huracan replacement, released late in 2021, improving the performance of the supercar.

Rouven Mohr, the Chief Technical Officer of Lamborghini, shared with Car and Driver that the issue isn’t actually related to the technical hardware. Instead, the challenge will be ensuring that the hub integrates properly with the varying software systems, such as active aerodynamics and stability control, over the following months.

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