Lease a 10yo Honda: Skip New Cars’ Cost

Lease a 2014 Accord, Warranty Included.

Honda today made a statement concerning amendments to its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) leasing project. Apart from saying that greater options and costs amenable to younger and rookie buyers are accessible, the carmaker did not give any distinct details. The Acura company, which is part of Honda’s luxury segment, likewise declared analogue developments. But this news brings back to our minds the fact that both manufacturers have lease deals applicable to automobiles aged up to 10 years. Are we dreaming?!

HondaTrue Used and AcuraPrecision Used proclaimed last year, offering premiums for CPO cars with up to a decade of age and an unrestricted mileage. This indicates that you would have the capacity to lease a 2014 Accord, that based on Kelly Blue Book is worth about $13,000 in superb condition and with an average of 120,000 miles. Relying upon the financing terms, this is a car that you can acquire for approximately $250 a month with a slight down payment of approximately $1,000 through a 4-year loan.

Honda’s generous leasing scheme includes a warranty, even on vehicles up to 10 years old. The automaker promises coverage for both powertrain and non-powertrain elements of these cars, including 100 days and 5,000 miles of protection. Furthermore, the agreement also allows for a free oil change, roadside assistance during the duration of the guarantee, as well as a complimentary three-month Sirius Radio subscription. It’s worth noting that Acura applies the same benefits to their plans. With a Kelley Blue Book value of $12,000, the Accord could be a distant memory, and a 2014 TSX could enter the picture instead.

“HondaTrue Used is a key access point to the Honda brand, particularly for younger and first-time buyers,” said Dan Rodriguez, Honda’s manager of auto remarketing. “Clients can now look through our website for a top-notch certified used Honda, and purchase with assurance from the most experienced and knowledgeable source – a Honda dealer.”

For individuals not interested in renting an old Honda from ten years ago, the company has new certified pre-owned choices going back to 2018.

Source: Honda

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