Lego’s Classic Defender: Unreachable Store

Lego May Reveal Something in 2023

LEGO has kicked off a teaser campaign on Twitter, featuring a classic Land Rover Defender and a forthcoming exclusive LEGO “store.” The campaign has been met with much excitement from LEGO fans, who can’t wait to see what the store will bring. The store is set to open in 2021, and it looks like it will be an incredible experience for LEGO enthusiasts. With images of the iconic Defender, the store is sure to be a hit with car fans as well. LEGO has yet to reveal any more details about the store, but it’s sure to be a must-visit destination for LEGO fans of all ages.

In the social media post embedded below and accessible through the source link at the bottom, Lego has posted a video of a spectacular aerial shot of the Scottish Highlands. The video speaks of adventures and teases “The hardest to reach Lego store in the world.” It stars a yellow classic Defender 110 marked as a Lego store perched atop a mountain. The montage concludes with Lego branding, Land Rover’s “Classic” logo, and the phrase “Adults Welcome.”

“I guess you could say… this store kinda went a little off-road,” reads the caption of a recent social media post. It continues, “Any wild guesses what one might find in this store?” It appears that this store has taken a turn for the unusual – what could be inside?

Evidently, there are a variety of aspects to comprehend from the snippet. Most evidently and literally, Lego is establishing a shop in the Scottish Highlands. Of course, the exact spot has not been unmasked by now, but we don’t believe that this is what the plaything producer suggested.

Nevertheless, the latter portion of the promotional material suggested that Lego may be conjuring something based on a structure constructed from blocks featuring a venerable Defender.

Notably, a few years ago Lego unveiled a Technic version of the all-new Defender. Different from that Technic kit, this rendition of the iconic Defender could potentially be included amongst the Lego Icons – a sub-category of Lego Creator tailored for grownups.

Our hypothesis is bolstered further by confidential reports that emerged during the course of last year, rumor declaring a classic Lego Protector was in the process of being brought out by the company. Despite an absence of knowledge concerning either color or explicit features of the compilation, it was said to possess 2336 elements, indicating it will be well-crafted and could hold quite a bit interiors. It purportedly retails for the price of $239.99 and is due to come out on the 1st of April, 2023.

It is critical that we keep in mind these are all simply suppositions and conjectures presently that hasn’t been confirmed, so it’s best to maintain a degree of pragmatism. In due course, we anticipate learning more details during the upcoming weeks or even months.

Source: Lego (Twitter) via Brickset

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