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Lego Set: Make it Official With Your Vote

Can you really claim that you have made an impact on pop culture without having your own custom Lego set? Despite Lego presenting many, if not countless, automotive-related sets over the years, there has yet to be one themed after Tesla. However, this could alter due to an adult admirer of Lego (recognized as AFOLs) who submitted a remarkable model of a Tesla Supercharger Station concept on Lego Ideas platform. This set comprises of three supercharges, four cars (a Model Y, Cybertruck, and two Model Ss), two minifigures, and a Tesla Store which sells and services the vehicles.

Lego Ideas is the perfect way for all the creative minds out there to get their “my own creations” (MOCs) turned into official sets. This platform offers anyone the opportunity to upload a unique set idea and then the community can vote on it. If the set gets 10,000 votes, then it will be taken into consideration by the company to be produced in the Ideas theme. Some of the past Ideas sets that have been popular include Medieval Blacksmith (21325), Tree House (21318), and Globe (21332).

It is hard for an idea postulation to come into fruition notwithstanding the fact that it acquires 10,000 ballots. You should regard the three specimens higher up as objects that don’t require any licences for Lego to create and vend them. Generally speaking, those kind of sets have an easier chance to pass all of Lego’s checks. Despite that though, some kits that do entail a licence have also been okayed because Lego already have strategic ties with that particular firm. For example, Disney’s Steamboat Willie (21317) set, which is now sold out, illustrates this perfectly. Unfortunately, Lego don’t possess an official relationship with Tesla at the present moment, having even declined a product design pertaining to the Cybertruck that acquired 10,000 votes in the past.

Airbricks95, otherwise known as Aurelien French, is a France-based Lego MOC builder with a vast catalogue of creations. With fifteen years of experience, his profile testifies to his remarkable talent and extraordinary attention to quality. Recent designs include the impressive Supercharger Station set.

His Tesla-inspired creation, though, has proven to be his most popular, surpassing his Simpsons Springfield Elementary School set in voting with 2,685 as opposed to 2,614. While French’s Tesla model still has some steps to take before gathering 10,000 votes, the increased exposure can certainly help. To cast your vote, you have to join Lego Ideas. As I had previously created an account, my choice of support was already made.

Source: Lego Ideas via Teslarati

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