Lexus EV Concept Debuts in a Month

Previewing 2026’s 497-Mile Range Series Model

Lexus has issued a teaser shot of their up and coming modular Electric Vehicle (EV) idea in Japan, uncovering part of the automobile’s front end including what could be considered LED daytime running headlights. The shot gave motor fans a glimpse of what to enjoy from the automaker’s newest concept.

The automotive concept is set to be showcased at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, marking the first glimpse of Nippon’s groundbreaking primary battery-operated model that will emerge in 2026. This vehicle is equipped with a fresh platform, remodeled assembling process, and a deliberate focus on energy conservation.

It’s undiscovered whether the auto registered in this most modern teaser photo has any attachment to the daring, Lexus labelled futuristic car winked in April. However, from the wide air vents in the front bumper and flimsy electronic side mirrors, one can boldly speculate that it’s likely the identical concept vehicle.

Presently, in the U.S., Lexus needs electric cars in its range – with Europe even having access to the UX 300e subcompact EV – and as an extravagance nameplate under Toyota’s possession, its desire is to wholly insert battery-driven vehicles into its armada. Expecting to have an electrified form of each model available by 2030, they hope to exclusively create EVs by 2035.

The very first car zeroed in on emissions, devised according to the advanced electrification plan, will be officially presented in 2026. Utilizing a three-module foundational framework, Toyota’s parent company avows that it has developed a system for lessening the production processes and boosting productivity, due largely to the fresh addition of giga-casting elements.

Toyota has revealed that for its forthcoming EV roster in 2026, it will provide two battery choices. A conventional Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) setup promises upwards of 427 miles of driving capacity, while its price is going to be 20 percent lower than that of the current bZ4X’s pack. Alternatively, one can opt for a more affordable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO) battery at 327 miles of range, but costing 40 percent less than the bZ4X model’s battery.

The Li-ion manifestation will have the capability to quickly charge starting from a 10 percent State of Charge (SoC) up to 80 percent in roughly 20 minutes, while the LiFePo edition will take approximately 30 minutes to accomplish the same fill-up.

It is towards the end of October when we’ll learn more about the new Lexus electric vehicle concept. Thus, make sure you frequently keep an eye out here at InsideEVs to learn about its exciting details.

Source: Lexus Japan

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