Lexus TX: A Rare Find

Limited Availability for Plug-in Hybrid TX 550+

Not all 50 states may have access to the costliest and speediest Lexus TX when it is unveiled. During the TX’s introduction, it was exposed that the TX 350 and 500h models will be available by the fall, while the TX 550h will become accessible at a later time with no specified date given.

At a recent drive event, Carscoops was informed that there will be restricted availability of the plug-in hybrid style when it launches and it could not be presented in all 50 states. Taking this into consideration, Lexus should prioritize those states where lower emissions adherence is more substantial, such as those that adopted California’s new Clean Cars II Act when it was launched in August 2022. This consists of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and most recently Colorado.

No cause was given, however it’s suitable to make an enlightened presumptuousness. All TX models, be it 350 or 500h, make use of Toyota’s fresh 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine providing 275 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. The 500h supplies an accompanying hybrid system, escalating the power up to 366 hp and 409 lb-ft.

The TX 550+ features a more intricate powertrain structure, possessing the popular 3.5-liter vacuumed V6 as its foundation. It is accompanied by two electric motors and a massive 18.1 kWh battery pack with an advertised electrical-only travelling distance of 33 miles. The PHEV generates 406 horsepower, capable of accelerating to 60 mph in less than five seconds, although such figures are not considered much when evaluating three-row family vehicles.

An elucidation is the decreasing utilization of the 3.5 V6 motor. Toyota Motor Manufacture Alabama produces V6 engines for the Highlander, Tacoma and the preceding-era Lexus RX 350. All of these vehicles have now been updated having a turbocharged four-cylinder.

It could be a while before Toyota can reorganize their production process to make room for the assembly of the V6 engine. This may be due to the fact that the TX 550+ may present a greater challenge to put together since it will require an extra step in its manufacturing. However, rest assured that everything is being built in Toyota’s Indiana plant, which has already established a steady record in the development of hybrid models, giving them the confidence to move onto creating plug-in variants.

Price is a major aspect. The TX 350 touches off the series at $53,700 and is probably going to be the most sought-after model. Whereas, the TX 500h comes with the highest tag of $72,650. This leads one to presume that the TX 550+ will cost somewhere around the $80,000 mark, so its buyers won’t reap any rewards from the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) incentives until 2025 when Toyota unveils its fresh battery factory.

Lexus is tipped to confine sales primarily to devoted followers and pioneering patrons of the marque. Such a restricted base of consumers implies that it’d be judicious to restrain manufacture until the TX can experience returns from the IRA.

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