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Ford Performance is staying active this year. As 2024 begins, the team at the Blue Oval’s motorsport division has some thrilling updates to reveal at its “Season Launch” event. At 7 PM ET, the company will present “A new golden age of Ford motorsports,” showcasing their ambitious worldwide racing program. The livestream of the event can be viewed below.

In the coming year, Ford has big plans for competing in a multitude of races and competitions across the globe. With their new Mustang model and other top-performing vehicles, they will strive for coveted spots on the podium and valuable points in six out of the seven continents. Among the notable racetracks where Ford will showcase its prowess are Le Mans and Interlagos, as well as the challenging trails of the Dakar race. In an exciting reveal last November, the automaker introduced its highly anticipated NASCAR Cup Series Dark Horse Mustang, which will also make an appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans alongside the formidable Mustang GT3.

2024 Season Launch Event | Ford Performance

Ford is expected to unveil the Switchgear, a robust F-150 Lightning pickup truck reminiscent of the powerful Raptor model. This new vehicle was unveiled earlier today and features widened fenders, large wheels, an extended suspension system, and the iconic Ford Performance logo displayed on the hood.

Ford has recently announced their plans to enter a Raptor-branded race truck in the upcoming Dakar rally. Expanding on their current participation in this year’s competition with the Ranger, Ford aims to utilize the knowledge gained from this experience to increase their chances of a victorious win in 2025.

Ford unveiled a total of six racing renditions of the Mustang during the debut of its new model in 2022. This impressive lineup comprises the S and R versions of the Mustang Dark Horse, a GT4 variant, a NASCAR contender, and several others. Many of these fierce machines will make their track debut in 2024. In addition, in 2023, the Blue Oval made a significant announcement that they will make a comeback to Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing, potentially generating even more excitement around Ford’s racing program.

Ford has consistently highlighted its enthusiasm for motorsports in recent years. The specific details of what we can expect from the event, however, remain uncertain. Ford Performance may reveal innovative and thrilling updates, so be sure to tune in tonight for all the latest developments.

The Ford Performance Season Kickoff will commence at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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