LMR Boosts C7 Corvette Z06 to 900-HP with Mega Package Upgrade

Enhance Performance with a Custom Tune and Various Power Upgrades

LMR, a tuning company located in Texas, has recently revealed their newest high-performance Chevrolet Corvette. The C7 Corvette Z06 has been transformed by LMR into a powerful machine, boasting an impressive 900 horsepower. This massive increase in power is the outcome of various modifications done to the car, but the most significant upgrades include enhancements to the 1.7-liter supercharger and the implementation of a flex-fuel system. LMR has proven their expertise in boosting the performance of Corvettes, as seen in their previous achievement of tuning a C8 model to over 1000 horsepower.

Upon first bringing his Corvette to LMR, Christian Brown sought out some small improvements. The beloved American sports car was taken up a notch with the addition of a cold air intake, custom headers, and a tune, all of which combined to produce an impressive 600 horsepower at its rear wheels. Nonetheless, this wasn’t quite enough for Christian, as he desired even more power, leading him back to the shop for some further enhancements.

900HP C7 Z06 Corvette with Factory Blower - Performance Package by LMR

Moving on to the next phase of the build, the Z06 underwent several modifications including the installation of an upgraded cold air intake system and a larger throttle body. Additionally, the car was ported, fitted with a personalized cam kit, and equipped with new pulleys. These updates were followed by the inclusion of new headers, a customized exhaust setup, and an overhauled fuel system featuring a more powerful fuel pump and injectors. To further enhance its performance, a flex-fuel sensor and gauge were added, granting the Z06 the ability to run on either 93-octane gasoline or E85 fuel.

LMR has increased its power output, now boasting an impressive 874 horsepower and 826 Nm of torque (equivalent to 609 ft-lb of torque), resulting in a total of over 900 horses at the crank.

Despite its increased power, the vehicle maintains its original heat exchanger and lacks an expansion or ice tank. Although the intake temperatures remain controllable, those seeking greater competitiveness on the track must invest in the aforementioned modifications. Additionally, the American-made sports car is equipped with Toyo R888R tires for enhanced traction and improved delivery of power.

This Corvette project is far from over, as Christian has plans to enhance its performance even further. With the addition of an improved intake cooling system and other modifications, this American sports car may reach the level of the legendary 1,500-hp LMR Corvette Stingray. Who knows what kind of power it will eventually boast with these enhancements.

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