Chevrolet Corvette: 1,000+ HP Supercharged

World’s Quickest C8: Company Makes Claim

Late Model Racecraft (LMR) have brought out a brand-new supercharger package for the Chevrolet Corvette C8, providing stiff competition to the substantial horsepower manufacture of Hennessey. This kit is offered as part of LMR’s Signature Edition Corvette, spearheaded by its proprietor, Steven Fereday.

LMR offers a supercharger package that provides an estimable 1,150 horsepower to the flywheel of the Corvette. This innovative ProCharger system utilizes a p1x head unit, accompanied by an air-to-water heat exchanger intake manifold, as well as a water tank which aids in keeping temperatures from soaring when the vehicle is idling or running around town; enabling the cooled air to enter the engine.

Fereday Corvette hits Highest Horsepower for Supercharged C8 Platforms

The ProCharger apparatus takes advantage of a cog-driven framework with a jackshaft extending to the forward side of the motor, which is designed to revolve off the balancer. In order to sustain the additional pressure, American Racing long tube headers, an LME head, replacement cams, tie rods, and other upgrades, have been installed by HP Tuners. The Corvette’s exhaust also retains its high-flow catalytic converters but has been joined to a custom, cat-back exhaust. Furthermore, its pistons and rods have been specially-forged for optimal capability.

The fuel setup has been advanced with a low-level pump connected to the mechanical fuel pump. Bigger direct injectors give the fuel demanded to uphold its powerful horsepower rates.

According to the results from LMR’s dyno testing, the vehicle offers 882 rear-wheel horsepower when running on 93 octane gasoline. Although they urge customers to use an additive which will upgrade the octane rating slightly as they fill up, this is necessary for the Corvette to utilize its Dodson clutch and put all of its power to the pavement.

The exterior of the Signature Edition Corvette features full carbon components, such as a front air-splitter, side sills and a ducktail spoiler. Additionally, buyers have the ability to choose a wheel and tire package to suit their individual requirements – whether they’re targeting a vintage GTI for drag racing or seeking pure power with a daily driver.

The latest device from the LMR team, a supercharger system, shadowing their twin-turbo Corvette set-up, has the ability to generate up to 1,500 horsepower and 1,250 ft-lb of torque, gaining the recognition as the quickest Corvette C8 in the entire world.

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