Lotus 900-HP Wagon: Emeya Variant

Porsche Taycan: A Solo Act?

As a potential rival to the Porsche Taycan, an estate interpretation of the Lotus Emeya could be the ideal contender against the extended-roof electric Porsche, the Taycan Sport Turismo.

Autocar questioned Lotus’ design head Ben Payne regarding the feasibility of a wagon variant of the ‘Emeya’. In spite of refusing to validate its presence in their product line-up, his remarks intimated that there was clearly a thriving interest for such models among certain sections.

“I’m in the know about many imaginative individuals who are drawn to these types of products,” Payne stated. “The design squad is always assessing the next opportunity and how we can do something a bit differently and increase our [opportunities]. I’m unable to make any comments on if it’s in the product plan or not.”

Mike Johnstone, head of Lotus’s commercial operations, has commented on the company’s readiness to adjust to the continuously varying needs of the market. He highlighted that their flexibility helps them stay competitive and improve upon their services. His comments point to a dedication to evolving with the changing contexts in order to better serve consumers and provide high-quality products.

Rumors continue to persist that Emeya could produce a wagon variant, only if there is an adequate requirement for the extended roof car.

Should the Emeya ever be crafted out of metal, it could easily overcome the Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo in total output produced from its electric motors. To give you an idea, the potential of the Emeya is estimated at 905 horsepowers – a considerable 154 greater than the peak rate of the peak-of-the-line Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo, producing 751 hp. However, Porsche is scheming a notable refresh for the Taycan series, and word has it that the new model Taycan Turbo GT should reach the quadruple-digit power level. It’s plausible this powertrain could be fitted to the Sport Turismo as well.

Lotus opines that its recently released Emeya can zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an outrageous 2.8 seconds, due to its consistent AWD arrangement – 0.2 seconds more slowly than the Taycan Turbo S. We can assume the same distinction between the purported Emeya estate and the Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo, considering that the latter has the same sprint time as its saloon equivalent.

The limited amount of competition makes the battle between Lotus and Porsche in the electric performance wagon arena a two-horse race, should the Emeya wagon ever make it to production. At least for now, Tesla and Lucid have no designs to enter this segment. Nevertheless, there are modified vehicles such as the first Model S Shooting Brake that graced the market way back in 2018.

Nevertheless, this remains uncertain while Lotus has yet to give any solid confirmation. The Emeya is intended to be sold exclusively as a four-door car (for the time being), with prices estimated to compete from $75K up to $135K. It is believed that Lotus will initiate manufacturing in 2024 and should come to the US in 2025.

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