Porsche’s Sole Wagon Spotted Nude in Snow

Taycan Sport Turismo Preps for Major Facelift

Porsche may have laid to rest the Panamera Sport Turismo, however, the German automaker will still make available a wagon in the guise of the Taycan Sport Turismo. This electrically powered sporty estate is nearly ready for its considerable overhaul, and our hidden cameramen spotted the waggon in nearly complete form while trialing it in the cold winter climate of Europe, indicating an unveiling is likely to occur soon, potentially before summer 2024, meaning we’ll see it in America preceding the 2025 year model.

We have had glimpses of the Sport Turismo prior, however when observed, the front bumpers were shrouded with heavy camo. Without the obscuring shields, we can now perceive all of the transformation in the design.

The absolute greatest alteration is the headlight beams: although the main part is quite similar, the fringing trim has been noticeably diminished, with the distinct black internal piece barely even existing.

Likewise, the outward side panel trim appears to have been removed, with the brake vents standing apart yet incorporated into the coloured body bumper.

Moderate tweaks have been given to the remainder of the front bumper, with a modifying of the bottom air inlet and a revised front splitter.

Visually, nothing appears to be altered when viewing the Porsche from the front, yet, upon closer look, modifications to the lighting can be noticed. The full lane-spanning lightbar is still here, but a step down in the side fenders of the main chassis can now be seen at the rear.

Our intelligence has ascertained that the prototypes photographed don’t carry the fender flares and increased ride height of the Cross Turismo, however it is anticipated that those modifications will most likely be featured on this spinoff.

Beneath the exterior, there is likely to be few alterations to the J1 hybrid system, with most motors probably retaining their initial specifications.

In the United States, the Sport Turismo only comes in GTS configuration, providing 590 horsepower through its twin motor powertrain (on maximum boost) for a remarkable 0-60 mph in as fast as 3.5 seconds and 155 mph peak velocity. The 93.4 kWh battery (83.7 kWh accessible) is likely to remain unchanged but with several software revisions, we are hoping it will improve the current model’s EPA certified range of 233 miles.

It is unclear whether the Sport Turismo will be able to get hold of the new Turbo GT variant, reputed to be a full Porsche GT division unit similar to the 911 GT3 and Cayenne Turbo GT, speculated to have more than 1,000 HP powered through contemporary electric motors. This has only been inferred in the form of a sedan (outfitted with an extravagant wing) with a profoundly amended facade; signifying that the Sport Turismo instance that we are looking at here has nothing to do with it.

Expect greater specifics in the forthcoming weeks.

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