Preview: Lotus Emeya Hyper GT’s Snowy Preview Before Production Begins

Grand tourer undergoes successful final pre-production evaluation.

Lotus is gearing up for the launch of its latest model, the Emeya – a luxurious four-door hyper grand tourer. The company has successfully completed the last rounds of testing, during which the electric vehicle was subjected to extreme temperature conditions near the Arctic Circle.The highly anticipated Emeya is set to roll off the production line soon, following thorough testing by Lotus. This four-door hyper grand tourer has undergone extensive trials in freezing temperatures near the Arctic Circle.After undergoing rigorous testing in frigid Arctic temperatures, Lotus is preparing to produce its highly anticipated electric vehicle, the Emeya. This lavish four-door hyper grand tourer has successfully completed the final stages of testing and is ready to hit the market.Preparations are underway at Lotus as they gear up to start manufacturing the Emeya – a luxurious four-door hyper grand tourer. The EV has just completed the last leg of its testing phase, withstanding extreme weather conditions near the Arctic Circle.Lotus is on track to launch its newest model, the Emeya – a magnificent four-door hyper grand tourer. The company has concluded the final round of tests, where the electric vehicle bravely faced harsh temperatures near the Arctic Circle.Ready to hit the production line, the Emeya from Lotus is their latest

“As stated by the British car company, Lotus engineers successfully carried out their validation process in Ivalo, Finland, where the temperature dropped to as low as -13 ºF. And to further push the limits, the compact sedan version of the Eletre SUV was subjected to a test inside a nearby automotive “freezer” where temperatures reached a bone-chilling -40 ºF.”

Lotus claims that the Emeya underwent a demanding three-year testing and development process in 15 different countries and across two continents. This included tackling a range of conditions, from the challenging B-roads of the UK to the high-speed German autobahn, as well as navigating through technical Alpine passes and remote regions of Inner Mongolia.

Lotus Emeya. Arctic Circle, Finland.

The Emeya also endured extreme heat reaching 104 ºF. In addition to navigating through regular streets, the hyper GT boasting a powerful 905 horsepower tackled both the challenging Nurburgring and high-speed Nardo track in Italy.

According to Sylvain Verstraeten, Emeya regional vehicle line director, “Emeya is the ultimate all-electric grand tourer, designed and engineered to provide our customers with the best driving experience possible, regardless of the weather or time of year. We are thrilled for our customers to have the opportunity to personally experience Emeya.”

Lotus utilized a multitude of assessments to perfect their chassis, encompassing the electronically operated air suspension, as well as the tires – with a special focus on custom-made winter rubber. Moreover, these evaluations played a crucial role in analyzing the car’s thermal regulation and assessing the usability of its batteries, encompassing charging and discharge operations.

In its most powerful iteration, the Emeya can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in less than 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of over 155 mph, but these numbers are irrelevant in the current trials. According to Lotus, the vehicle can gain 93 miles of added range within five minutes when linked to a 350 kW DC charging station, with a charge from 10-80% estimated to take approximately 18 minutes. However, these extreme conditions may impact these statistics, although the extent is still unknown.

As production is gearing up, shipments are scheduled to commence later this year. Further localized trials will take place in the Middle East, the US, and Australia before the cars are officially launched in these regions. Lotus has not dismissed the possibility of a wagon version similar to the now-defunct Porsche Taycan ST. Additionally, a smaller electric sports car will ultimately replace the Emira in their lineup.

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