Lotus Electric Sedan: Eletre Design Revealed

2024 Debut Anticipated

Lotus is in the process of transitioning to electric vehicles, and this will include an electric sedan. In February, we got a first glimpse of the upcoming model as it had a one-of-a-kind paint job. As of recently, new spy shots of the vehicle have surfaced, revealing what appears to be the common black-and-white camouflage look while being tested out on public roads.

The unnamed Type 133 automobile draws inspiration from the much bigger Eletre model. And this sedan may potentially take on the monikers “Envya” or “Etude”. It sports the same unified split-headlight format as the crossover – a slim front grille connecting the lower headlamps, plus L-shaped headlights set higher up in the front. One more element is the diamond-shaped bumper vent encountered below.

The Electric Vehicle is covered head-to-toe with a comprehensive wrap, yet the door handles are still apparent. Replacing the traditional side mirrors is a new set of cameras, accompanied by a LiDAR system situated on top of the roof which will likely drive an advanced driver-assistance system. In comparison to the front end, the back looks somewhat unfinished with the black strip filled with dummy lighting components. Most likely it will appear much like the Eletre’s rear styling.

Within, the Lotus is speculated to take on the design of upholstery and look of the Eletre SUV. It will offer limited practicality as its seating capacity will support only four people accompanied by an extended central console running along the interior. An assorted array of high-tech features and creature comforts can be anticipated.

At this stage, it is undetermined what form of powertrain Lotus will offer in their Type 133 model; however, we anticipate the inclusion of their Eletre R package. Boasting an outstanding 905 hp and a whopping 985 newton-meters (726 lb-ft) of torque, the amazing SUV is able to accelerate from 0 – 62 mph in only 2.95 seconds and has a top speed limit of 165 mph. And we anticipate that if it is placed into a smaller sedan, it could actually be much faster.

Despite the heaviness caused by its battery-electric powertrain, the new sedan is anticipated to show conspicuous performance with the 592-hp Eletre variant as the initial specification.

Competing against the Porsche Taycan, Polestar 5, and other premium electric sedans, Lotus is gearing up to launch their new vehicle. Yet, due to widespread disruptions in the supply chain industry, which it shares with many others, the debut of this model has been pushed back; previously set for 2023, it now is seeming more probable that it will be coming out next year.

Source: Automedia

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