Lucid Motors’ Gravity: Affordable Electric SUV

440+ Miles in 7-Passenger Electric SUV: Lucid Gravity.

After mesmerizing the automotive industry with its glitzy yet opulent electric sedan, Lucid Motors vowed to give a contemporary take on the SUV by releasing a vehicle that gives the same level of power and deluxe as the Lucid Air. To prove their pledge to fulfilling this pledge, they are introducing the stylish Gravity SUV at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Lucid has unveiled Gravity, an electrifying new addition to the SUV market, which offers a combination of features and components never before seen in one vehicle. Powered by a fresh sporty SUV chassis, Gravity is fully-equipped with Lucid’s next-generation ultra-compact electric powertrain technologies.

Gravity’s exclusive powertrain system features high performance EV motors, along with the continued evolution of the 900V electrical architecture. The outcome? An incredible acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in a heartbeat – under 3.5 seconds – plus the capacity to carry weights of 1,500 lbs and trail burdens of up to 6,000 lbs.

Lucid has recently announced that its upcoming Gravity electric SUV may have a driving range of a remarkable 440 miles before needing to be recharged. Additionally, the vehicle’s remarkable technology can add up to 200 miles of extra power in as little as 15 minutes – promising speedy refueling for longer voyages with minimal disruption.

The technical specifications of Lucid Motors are nothing short of spellbinding. The state-of-the-art battery of the vehicle allows for an impressive range from 315 to over 400 miles of beach use on a single charge. This is all courtesy of its 906 horsepower and 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque delivered with 900 volts of electricity. Rapid charging technology enables drivers to charge from 20% to 80% in 20 minutes flat, making it possible to go on long journeys completely unrestricted. Other noteworthy features include its dual motor powertrain and AWD system. These two components work together to provide serious street stability, smooth cornering, and instantaneous power for acceleration. Lucid Motors has set new standards in the automotive realm, and they’re sure to dominate the industry well into the future. Launching to acclaim, the incredible specs of Lucid Motors have left observers mesmerized. Their jaw-dropping battery guarantees up to 400 miles of drive time on a sole recharging, delivering 906 hp and 1000 lbs-ft Funneling 900 volts through a rapid charging capability, drivers can rebuild capacity from 20% to 80% in merely twenty minutes – eradicating hindrance from extended voyages. Its dual engine powertrain, combined with its AW

Lucid created the contemporary Gravity to provide substantial interior room, along with adjustable chair arrangements for up to seven adults. As a result, it can be customised either as a two-row or three-row SUV. Moreover, Lucid accomplished this feat while not giving the Gravity an appearance resembling the traditional full-size, three-row SUVs. To gain more than 112 cubic feet of total accessible cargo space, the second and third-row seats may be folded down.

Lucid has introduced an updated user interface, dubbed the Clearview Cockpit, on its Gravity model. It boasts a 34-inch curved OLED display that is slightly smaller than Cadillac’s 38-inch OLED screen and is placed above the upgraded steering wheel. The EV maker is also launching interactive wellness functions like Lucid Sanctuary and Lucid Spaces to enrich the driving experience, whether cruising along roads or at a charging station.

The sophisticated Zero Gravity air suspension setup, available as an optional extra on the forthcoming Gravity SUV, offers a sport-tuned ride which adapts to any terrain without compromising passenger comfort. Likewise, drivers can either manually raise or lower the ride height of the Gravity in order to improve off-roading capability or enhance performance and range respectively. Prior to the end of 2024, Lucid intends to bring the Gravity into the full-size, premium SUV sector with prices expected to begin under $80,000.

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