Lyft Gives $1K To The Uber Family

Invalid Last Name on Uber Sign Up

Getting set up with an app like Uber or Lyft will, in most cases, be quite easy. For those whose surname is the same as either of these Ride-sharing services, however, it might not be so simple.

As it has come to pass, an entire clan exists that shares the same last name as the well-known Uber app. Nevertheless, none of these individuals could enroll in an account through the same named program–receiving the following warning: “Family Name ruled unacceptable.” Most likely, there never was a contemplated prospect that people with this last name actually existed or it may have been related to a security apprehension.

As per the records of Quickstitchplus Threads, which was initiated by one member of the Uber clan, presumably last year theUber family was taken out from the renowned ride-sharing service due to a violation of policy provisions not made public.

The potential of social media is remarkable, and this instance is no different; leading competitor Lyft took advantage of the situation by presenting Uber’s family with a $1,000 credit for rides on their platform.

The plot was revealed on the freshly debuted Threads social media network, showcasing an image of the present card posted by the official Lyft page and a message inviting members of the Uber family to connect with them.

Michele Uber learnt of the goings-on at the pink-hued organization and posted a reaction on her personal page with: “My apologies, Uber, this Uber Fam opted for Lyft.”

Bri Reynolds, the social media executive of the car-hailing business, proclaimed on her LinkedIn page that upon its noticing, they at once welcomed the opportunity to make existence simpler for the ‘Uber’ clan.

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