Make 2021 Your Year: Get A Used Lotus Evora GT

Lotus Evora: Analog Supercar Performance.

Maybe the Lotus Evora GT in this clip from TheSketchMonkey on YouTube is a bit at the more expensive end, priced at $94,000, but it is indeed very cost-effective if you take into consideration that this model is only two years old. It could be seen as a modern super car and valued as budget friendly.

This Lotus has an exotic aura, although upon closer analysis one shall observe that a significant component of the vehicle is distinctly Japanese; Additional elucidation on that point is forthcoming.

Our intrepid YouTuber and skilled graphician has descended upon the Winslow BMW dealership in Colorado Springs to take a peek at the 2021 Lotus Evora GT, showcasing one of the final remaining analog sports vehicles on the market and lamenting a model that officially left the scene all too soon.

The 2021 Lotus Evora GT is as raw as it gets

The Lotus Evora GT was fashioned specifically for winding roads and mountainous terrain, equipped with a remarkably powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine supplied by Toyota that produces 416 horsepower and 317-332 lb-ft of torque. To top it off, the Lotus is able to reach speeds up to 188 mph while hitting 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds, making this sports vehicle an absolute supercar. Notably, the motor is placed behind the 2+2 style passenger arrangement in a mid-ship position.

The host dissects the contour in his normative examination of the exterior initially and has scarcely anything to remark negatively on its luxuriant styling – it is organic and outlandish, however plain, with a traditional liquid line from the supercar-inspired nose to the back.

He emphasizes the streamlined facade, which features the hood grilles, vents on the front fenders, and the enormous lower grill. The bright yellow brake callipers tucked into simple 19-21” wheels look striking without being too ostentatious.

Once he returns back, he highlights the incorporated spoiler on the trunk lid which is situated behind the declining rear and remarks that this viewpoint is optimal. It is extraordinary and even more active; the intake manifolds behind the back wheels together with the diffuser as well as the exhaust system in the middle are all images of a race vehicle.

T.S.M gives an impressive yet practical insight into what the engine can do as displayed in the middle of the car. When opened, the trunk unveils an unexpectedly small yet functional hidden space. However, the rear seats provide even more storage potential; possibly allowing for use as a far-reaching vehicle if so desired. Although they may not be the most practical when fully extended, these seats can still offer something to the Evora-journey.

One might debate that over extended treks, a sporting chassis built for agility likely won’t feel as pleasant compared to a luxurious GT automobile. In spite of this, T.S.M insists the Passenger Compartment is highly convenient and contains comforts such as air conditioning plus an audio-visual console. Alcantara and leather give one the sense it can be more than just an uncompromising sports car. Additionally, when the video begins taking the Evora out for a spin, it seems absolutely amazing – with promptly responsive gear changing and according to the presenter, an exquisite driving experience.

On average, Lotus Evoras dating from 2010 to 2021 hold a value of roughly $60,000 while the more recent ones made in 2021, even close to their original MSRP of $100,000, are still valued highly.

Lotus has ceased production of the Evora to make way for their hypercar, the Lotus Evija and a line-up of recent sports vehicles, such as the Lotus Emira.

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