Mansory Brings Back Gronos 6×6 G63 Mercedes with Bold Suicide Doors

Limiting Production to 10 Units: Taking a Stand Against Mercedes Crimes

Mansory has recently revealed their latest bold version of the Mercedes-AMG G63, bringing back the 6×6 variation of the Gronos which previously gained significant notoriety for the controversial tuner. This updated model boasts impressive improvements, thanks to a singular turbocharger that adds a whopping 50 pounds of boost. As a result, the vehicle’s 4.0-liter V8 now delivers an incredible 887 horsepower and 885 lb-ft of torque – a significant increase of over 310 hp and 295 lb-ft, respectively. In addition to this, key enhancements include a new intercooler, two high-pressure fuel pumps, a sports air filter, and a performance exhaust system.

There are improved software updates available for the CPC, ECU, and TCM. These units include the powertrain control unit (PCU), electronic control unit (ECU), and transmission control module (TCM).Upgraded software is now offered for the CPC, ECU, and TCM. These essential components, namely the powertrain control unit (PCU), electronic control unit (ECU), and transmission control module (TCM) have received enhanced software updates.

As stated by the manufacturer, “Like all limited editions – just 10 Mansory Gronos 6×6 conversions will be carried out,” this particular version also provides ample opportunity for personalization. In fact, the customization options extend to the use of “individualized” carbon fiber, as per the customer’s preferences.

Let us begin with the exterior, where the basic G63 undergoes a major metamorphosis and emerges as a double cab pickup truck equipped with rear-hinged doors at the back for convenient entry to the second row. Speaking of the second row, it’s worth noting that it can now only accommodate two passengers. However, stepping into the vehicle should no longer be a hassle due to the widened side steps. Moreover, the latest Mansory G63 conversion sets itself apart from its predecessors with impact protection devices installed in front of each apron/fascia.

Purchasers also receive four LED lights positioned on the roof and a winch cable located at the front. Additional off-road enhancements can be obtained, however it is likely that the majority of customers will be content with the ventilated hood and the choice to include carbon fiber accents throughout. The overall design of the Gronos did not capture our interest before, and it still does not impress us now.

Beneath the surface, advanced shock absorbers for high performance are present, alongside a freshly designed portal gear for extreme off-road adventures in the supplementary axle. Moreover, the novel axle features a lockable differential that can be secured both lengthwise and widthwise. Collectively, Mansory asserts that this upgrade provides an additional 250 millimeters (approximately 10 inches) of width and height. The overall length increases by 1,375 mm (4.5 feet).

Despite the impressive display of off-road capability in these pictures, the wheels shown are not suitable for rough terrain. Measuring 22 inches in diameter and 10 inches in width with 325/55 Scorpion ATR tires, the YN.5 wheels may look sturdy but you can actually request 37×12.5-inch tires with 20×9-inch wheels. Even more convenient is the built-in tire inflator that allows you to adjust tire pressure right from inside the vehicle, making it effortless to gain traction.

Once more, despite its impressive appearance, the cabin of this vehicle is a clear demonstration that it was designed solely for show. Each section has been revamped with the buyer’s preferred type of leather, and there are a variety of hues and stitching styles to choose from. Moreover, Mansory has taken customization to another level by offering the ability to personalize the carbon fiber, resulting in unique and intricate designs. And let’s not forget about the headline, containing an astonishing 3,000 LED lights, all of which can be individually tailored to your liking.

The cost for the Gronos 6×6 remains a mystery, but if you must inquire…

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