Maserati Unveils World’s Fastest V8 Sedan at Goodwood

Maserati Unveils Levante V8 Ultima, Ghibli 334 Ultima

The commencement of the widely known affair for enthusiasts of automobiles is fast approaching – Goodwood’s Festival Of Speed in the United Kingdom begins tomorrow, July thirteenth.

The carnival concentrates on the complicated ascent where an extensive variety of captivating engines take on the 1.17-mile circuit, yet there are other activities including presentations and introductions from producers.

We are aware that Lamborghini will exhibit their newly designed LMDh car soon, and many more cars created by various automakers will certainly grace the Goodwood grounds.

Maserati just recently teased two upcoming models in a statement to the press – an SUV and a sport sedan. Every car aficionado will be able recognize them for their power, in addition to the notable farewell of the V8 motor from the iconic automaker. These beauties will have their initial introduction at the esteemed Goodwood display.

At the declaration, the Italian maker – now part of the Stellantis empire – declared two models that will “underline the future death of the popular 572-hp twin-turbo V8 motor”.

The inaugural edition of a spectacularly exclusive sports sedan built upon the foundational Maserati Ghibli–dubbed Ghibli 334 Ultima–will become the quickest combustion-engine sedan worldwide. Its designation elucidates its maximum velocity in kilometers per hour (approx. 207 mph).

An exterior up-close view of the 334 Ultima reveals a strikingly electric blue front end, featuring a menacing front bumper and dark splitter, along with an eye-catching ‘334’ decal on its side. A peek inside exposes a tasteful blend of black and tan leather/suede upholstery coupled with additional ‘334’ logos.

The 3.8L F154 V8, built by Ferrari and turbocharged, is an engine selection supplied to owners of the Maserati Ghibli coupe and Levante SUV.

Attending the worldwide initiation of the Ghibli 334 Ultima will be a second contemporary version, the Maserati Levante V8 Ultima. Both having its original V8 engine, this serves both as a final farewell and homage to the company and its V8 background.

The pictures provide us with an imagery of analogous upholstery throughout the interior, including a disparate leather accentuation at the core of the seat back. The exterior of the Levante V8 Ultima clearly displays another ‘V8 Ultima’ insignia inscribed upon its carapace.

Both vehicles will be showcased in the Maserati dominion, and the Ghibli 334 Ultima coupe is expected to scurry up the hill climb. Additional unveilings consist of Maserati’s MC20 Cielo supercar, the electric GranTurismo Folgore sports car, the Grecale Folgore EV crossover, plus a GranTurismo Trofeo taking part in the ascent.

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