Mazda MX-5 Miata Refreshed With Lights/Bumpers

Not All-New NG Model, and We’re OK With That

Spy shutterbug Rollende Reporter has detected a new form of the ND-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata testing at the Nurburgring, and his Instagram pictures expose that the sports car is anticipating a slight styling refurbishment for both the initial soft-top as well as the Miata RF (Retractable Fastback).

The modifications are rather insignificant, however, that is acceptable; the construction of Mazda is among the very best in the field, and even the ND Miata – introduced originally in 2015 – looks slick and fashionable.

Even so, a minor adjustment wouldn’t be rendered bad. The updated headlights are now showcasing new LED running lights providing a little more sophistication, whereas the taillights include recessed circles with a degree of black color inside for a slight smoky look. Plus, the rear bumper comes with modulated lower light instruments as well.

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The red sample above is outfitted with the shark fin antenna, a feature typically on US-spec Mazda MX-5s facilitating access to satellite radio. In the US, notwithstanding, we have both the red car and its grey facelifted counterpart which advertises the old aerial. Despite having the relevant socket, it’s unclear as to why the red model didn’t receive the antenna. As of now, it’s anyone’s guess.

Many have hypothesized that this is not just a facelift, but rather a vehicle used for testing an altogether new model. Nonetheless, Mazda would not go through the effort of creating and manufacturing new lighting components for a car they plan to completely modify anyway.

For the past two years there have been multiple accounts signaling that a completely fresh Miata is a few years off. Nonetheless, no concrete timetable has been conveyed; however, given the most up-to-date pronouncements from senior officials, it would seem we won’t observe the new-model until after the energetic EU7 anti-pollution framework is set into motion (July 2025). This suggests that the Miata’s complete makeover may not take place until 2026.

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When it eventually debuts, chances are it will require electrification; however, Mazda has been devoting significant time and effort into improving the potency of its Skyactiv-X engines, meaning electrification may not be as extensive than was initially thought. Steadfast in their mission to ensure the upcoming Miata is as great as its predecessors, Mazda is refusing to rush out an incomplete and overly bulky vehicle simply because the current model has been around for eight years. The ND model remains a cut above many other vehicles, and Mazda wants ‘Miata Is Always The Answer’ to remain a valid endeavor, even if it requires some battery assistance.

A major revamp of this car will ensure its endurance, making it the topmost vehicle in its niche. Thus, Mazda deserves our highest admiration and love.

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