McLaren Senna Worth $1.3 Million Crashes Into Building During Showboating Attempt

Unexpected crash during Mclaren Senna stunt results in costly damage.

Demonstrating bravado for the camera while driving a high-performance car is always ill-advised. Unfortunately, the individual behind the wheel of a 789-horsepower McLaren Senna learned this lesson the hard way after losing control on a public road in California. The car crashed into a building, resulting in significant damage.

A video shared on social media early Monday morning depicts a Senna driving along Ventura Boulevard in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The car then spins around in circles for a group of onlookers gathered in the street. Afterward, the Senna speeds away but eventually veers out of control and crashes into the curb in front of a Lexus dealership.

The footage, shared on Reddit, transitions to the scene following the collision, and it is quite alarming. The front of the vehicle is severely damaged, collided with the outer wall of the dealership, angled slightly against a parked Toyota Camry. The whole front part is dented in, the door on the passenger side is open, and the front right wheel is pushed back and to the side.

The driver of the Senna at the time of the accident is unknown. However, according to a Reddit user named slattdemon99, who posted the video, Edmond “Mondi” Barseghian was allegedly the one behind the wheel. Barseghian gained internet fame in early 2023 when he crashed his Hummer EV after only driving it for nine miles.

In a video uploaded to Barseghian’s channel four days prior, he is depicted receiving what appears to be the identical Senna, speeding down public roads, and labeling it as “legit scary fast.” Images of the vehicle were also shared on his Instagram story as recently as Sunday afternoon.

Given the Senna’s high value, it is improbable that the insurance company would declare it a total loss. However, repairing the car will undoubtedly be costly, particularly if the carbon fiber monocoque sustains damage. We trust that the next driver of this McLaren will handle it with more care than its previous owner.

Credit goes to Jonathan Harper for this information! A big shoutout to Jonathan Harper for sharing this news!We owe thanks to Jonathan Harper for bringing this to our attention.

Source: Reddit

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