MSO McLaren 750S: A Racing Triple Crown Tribute

Triple Crown Car Launch at Velocity Invitational

There are several stellar racing liveries around that can be a huge source of inspiration for automotive imitators. As an example, the Ford GT looks remarkable in Gulf Blue, and the Porsche 911 Dakar’s previous Rothmans paint choice is just splendid. Moreover, due to many victorious races, McLaren has combinations of colors available for its high-end supercars able to be used simultaneously – what better way of celebrating than with three unique shades?

Enter the “750S With 3-7-59 Theme,” which is premiering today at the Velocity Invitational in Sonoma, California. The 3-7-59 takes its title from a trio of McLaren’s most iconic race victors: Johnny Rutherford’s #3 M16D that was victorious at the 1974 Indianapolis 500, Alain Prost’s #7 MP4/2 that earned the 1984 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, and the #59 McLaren F1 GTR driven by Yannick Dalmas to triumph in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. Together, these three races form the Triple Crown, and are some of the most important wins in McLaren’s history.

McLaren Special Operations states that the 3-7-59 sports car requires 1,200 hours of painting. The front allows inspiration to come from the red and white F1 car from 1984 featuring a “fractured” look bordering the large 7 on the hood. The rear, in essence, takes its cue from the yellow Indy 500 champion, with its faint blue shades becoming a splashy motif on the right rear corner. Both sides of the 750S replicate the gray Le Mans–winning F1 GTR, transitioning into the front and back end sections using checkered flag emblems.

Glossy black wheels stand before tri-colored brake calipers in shades of red, blue, and gold, with a QR code printed on each. When scanned, these bring up a page with facts about each particular race car. Additionally, the Triple Crown logo is presented on each door panel with authentic silver leaf – given a slightly weathered appearance that reflects its racing heritage.

Within the interior, there is a Triple Crown logo stitched onto the carbon bucket seats with an orange hue. The symbol is indented into the middle armrest. To honor its extraordinary exterior details, the seating, door panels and steering wheel were created from carbon gray alcantara and painted in one tone to match. The shift paddles also sport the Formula 1 car’s traditional red-and-white pattern. There is unique white, black and orange accenting three Triple Crown stars on the pedals. Perhaps, the most unexpected highlight is the plaque that makes up the honors presented in the threshold area. Incredibly, this particular element was crafted from the same white and red carbon fiber shell of a genuine Formula 1 race vehicle.

The bespoke bodywork and hand-selected components command an increased price tag to the McLaren 720S’ $329,500 base cost – a McLaren representative reportedly suggested the figure would exceed $700,000. Unfortunately for those with the finances to obtain an MSO 3-7-59, they have missed their opportunity; all six unique specimens have already been acquired.

Source: McLaren Special Operations

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