Mercedes’ Automated Lights: Genius! Why?

Nevada & California Legalize Their Use

Mercedes-Benz has assumed the mantle of being the globe’s premier automaker after obtaining permits for distinctive outer markers for automated driving in California and Nevada. The permit bestowed on California grants authorization to investigate vehicles with the lights for a time span of two years, while that acquired in Nevada extends up to 2026 production cars, until statutes are updated.

The essential roles of these illumination components are to heighten public embrace of automated driving, and to reinforce road safety. These marker lights, colored turquoise, have been implemented in the headlights and tail lights, in addition to the two side mirrors of test autos. This demonstrates the condition of the automated driving system, providing both road users and police officers with helpful information.

The premier instance for these marker beacons will be with Drive Pilot, the first Level 3 system that has international type approval for conditionally automated driving. The system was accredited in Germany in 2021, and is already available to purchase there; with Nevada and California to follow suit two years later in 2023.

The usage of turquoise in these alert lamps originates from its noticeable characteristics, enabling speedy recognition by other travelers on the streets, and its dissimilarity from current lighting and traffic indications, the producer mentions. Mercedes attempts to make the utilization of turquoise uniform, helping with worldwide cognizance and reception of this technology.

To conclude, there’s no need to be alarmed if you witness a Mercedes car equipped with teal-colored indicator lights. The implementation of this element is part of an advanced strategy to indicate the car’s automated driving functions, thus contributing to a more responsible and synchronized road environment of the future.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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