Mercedes Concept Pod Rusts Away in Junkyard

MBUX: Digital Concept Debacle in 2020.

Automakers are constantly constructing concept cars to display their technology or give a glimpse of upcoming models. After they have served their purpose, these projects are usually retained by the company. In some cases, however, they may be discarded – which appears to be the case with the Mercedes “S-Classic Digital ‘My MBUX'” concept, revealed in August 2020. This peculiar pod was meant to give people a taste of the technology found in vehicles like the EQS. Surprisingly, it has been spotted in a scrapyard, disabled and forgotten, leading to some truly extraordinary pictures.

Photos of the pod were recently uploaded to the r/justrolledintotheshop subreddit, garnering considerable attention. Instead of a typical car, what was seen was something more comparable in style to Wall-E’s companion EVE located between an array of disused steel tubing. Noah Mansico, who took the pictures, stated they were taken near Mercedes-Benz’s North American headquarters outside of Atlanta. It is plausible that the vehicle merely stayed there until it no longer had any utility; afterwards, it was merely cast off. Automakers are known to not give or sell their active concepts due to legal considerations, leading to the unfavorable fate of many such automobiles.

The concept has been completely deprived of all its Mercedes markings – including the steering wheel in its entirety – yet because it is such an extraordinary object, it was fairly easy for online detective work to come to a conclusion. It contains figurine-like seating arrangements, a giant touchscreen, and many other elements clearly recognizable from more advanced models by the German automobile company, such as the S-Class and EQS. A press statement during the launch of this project goes into further details about the hundreds of LED lights, heated and cooled massage chairs, and a persuasive air purification system which can distribute fragrance. Sadly however, it is highly possible that most, if not all, of those features no longer work on the disposed pod.

It’s a pity that an intriguing venture like this was left abandoned in a pasture in the vicinity of Atlanta, but bear in mind that many Mercedes, with completely fully functional innards and apparatus, got almost identical innovation. So albeit it may seem fairly dejecting to observe EVE in dormant state without being saved by an electronic device having binoculars for eyes, the new features the concept previewed persist. As time marches on, folk are getting progressively bewildered as to what precisely this is, provided it does not get demolished instantaneously.

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