Mercedes G-Class Does Impressive Spin-Turn with Electric Power

Hyundai Rejects Sonata N and 400V EV Hot Hatch
The Electric G - a Real G?

The head honcho of Mercedes-Benz made a complete pivot in the EQG, and Hyundai has declined to put out either a Sonata N or an unappealing electric hatchback.

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Mercedes has recently taken the wraps off its new EQG electric SUV, and company boss Ola Kallenius was behind the wheel for a special demonstration.The German carmaker put the EQG through its paces with a ‘G turn’ – a maneuver that sees the driver make a sharp turn while accelerating. It’s meant to show off the car’s agility and handling abilities.”The G turn is a great way to demonstrate the capabilities of the EQG,” said Kallenius. “It’s a very dynamic car and I’m happy to have been able to show it off in such a unique way.”Recently, Mercedes unveiled its latest electric SUV, the EQG, and company chief Ola Kallenius took the wheel for a special demonstration. Kallenius put the EQG through its paces with an impressive ‘G turn’ – a maneuver that requires the driver to make a sharp turn while accelerating – to display the car’s agility and handling.”The G turn is a great way to showcase the capabilities of the EQG,” said Kallenius. “It’s a very dynamic car and I was thrilled to be able to show it off in such a cool way

Mercedes first presented the G-Class back in the late 1970s and held off on a major overhaul until the early 1990s. Then, almost 30 years later, a genuine next-generation model was unveiled, and another big transition is slated for 2024. At that point, engineers are likely to subsume all of its fuel-powered components for a totally electric variant. Despite this change, don’t be concerned – the internal combustion engine version of the G-Class will still continue around and get itself a face-lift. A video now shines a light on the EQG in anticipation of its up-and-coming launch.

We have the privilege of witnessing Mercedes’s CEO, Ola Källenius, steer the electric G-Class across the Austrian Schöckl mountain. The footage becomes even more remarkable when he performs a classic “G Turn” – an exact 180-degree spin – that will be featured in the EQG. This remarkable manoeuvre can simply be activated by pressing a button on the left paddle next to the driver’s wheel.

In a sudden change of direction, Mercedes’ CEO has offered an alternative setting within the company’s infotainment system which enables the EQG to make a U-turn of 90 degrees. This Swedish-born executive explains that it can be quite useful in off-road situations where one confronts obstacles. For this special maneuverability to take place, four electric motors are placed on each wheel to provide equal power. The battery will remain safe while navigating tough terrain; two layers of carbon fiber and a specific non-conductive material in between secure the underbody from any potential damage.

Come 2024, the G-Class facelift and EQG will be revealed to the world in the early part of the year. But that’s not all – a “Little G” is set to follow in the latter half of the decade. Unlike its larger counterpart, this smaller variant is likely to feature a unibody design instead of a body-on-frame platform, thus compromising on its off-road capabilities. However, one thing’s for sure – an electric version of the Little G is definitely on the cards.

Hyundai recently announced that it won’t be launching a Sonata N or a “stupid loser” performance hatchback. The South Korean carmaker said that the vehicles are not part of its plans for the near future. “We don’t have any plans to introduce a Sonata N or a ‘stupid loser’ performance hatchback,” said a Hyundai spokesperson. “We believe that our current lineup is enough to meet customers’ needs and that there is no need to add more vehicles to our lineup at this time.”The decision comes as a surprise to some, as Hyundai has been known to experiment with different types of vehicles. Just last year, the company launched the Kona Electric SUV, which is an all-electric version of its popular Kona crossover. However, the company appears to be taking a more conservative approach with its vehicle lineup for the time being. Hyundai’s decision not to launch a Sonata N or a “stupid loser” performance hatchback is certainly understandable. The company likely believes that the current lineup is sufficient to meet customers’ needs, and that there is no need to add more vehicles to the lineup at this time.

At the Australian introduction of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Executive Technical Advisor Albert Biermann made clear that a genuine N version of the Sonata sedan would not be appearing, with the model continuing to be topped by the N Line variant. Biermann, who played an integral role in establishing the N subsection, pointed out that the “Sonata N Line is not suitable for racing”.

Albert Biermann rejected the idea of an electric hot hatchback that would use a 400V system, calling it a “stupid loser” in comparison to the 800V cars coming from China. Instead, he suggested that “you better stay at home” and focus on creating a more affordable hot hatch that could undercut the Ioniq 5 N. Biermann also revealed that he has already put forward his thoughts to the higher-ups at Hyundai, adding that such a model “has to happen”.

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