Mercedes’ Revolutionary 4-Cylinder C63 AMG

AMG Can’t Win Over V8 Fans for 2.0L Sedan

More and more vehicles are catching onto the downsizing trend due to tighter emissions regulations. These ever-stricter rules are obliging automakers to reduce their engines’ cylinders and add a hybrid part. The newest C63 is the most expressive case, as it has abandoned its robust 4.0-liter V8 for a smaller 2.0-liter four-cylinder. There had been some speculation that Affalterbach proposed a larger motor, but that will not come to pass.

In an interview with Top Gear magazine, AMG CEO Michael Schiebe admitted that people have been questioning why the V8 has been removed from the BMW M3 competitor. The leader of Mercedes’ performance division clarified: “We are eager to be at the forefront of technology. And we are confident in the hybridization concept, and so we will stick with the four-cylinder.”

He conceded that AMG can’t convince all V8 enthusiasts to purchase the new 2.0-liter model, but Schiebe still saw the positives. The plug-in hybrid C63 has enticed customers that wouldn’t have been interested in the sports sedan otherwise. It’s also worth noting that Mercedes has released a C63 wagon, while the coupe and convertible models have been discontinued. The two-door versions of the C-Class and E-Class have been replaced by the CLE, which recently gained an inline-six for the “53” models. If a “63” edition is ever released, it’s likely to sport a 3.0-liter engine.

If you’re a believer in the mantra “there’s no replacement for displacement”, Mercedes still has you covered. That said, it would have been easier to accept the V8’s demise had AMG opted to give the C63 an inline-six engine. If you want more than four cylinders under the hood, your only option now is to get a CLE Coupe or Convertible.

If you want an additional amount of doors and cylinders, it appears the next E63 is anticipated to include an inline-six too. Plus, images have shown a possibility of a plug-in hybrid set up incorporated. The BMW M5’s rival will likely also receive the same PHEV treatment but the Bavarian monster will maintain its powerful V8 powerunit for one more generation. Additionally, the M5 Touring edition is making a return as well.

Source: Top Gear

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