Mercedes-AMG GT: Spied in 2024 With Spoiler

Launch Special Edition: Is It Out?

Also of note are the wheel hubs, which appear to house a ceramic coating brake system.It seems that a brand-new Mercedes-AMG GT S E Performance is on its way as it was seen undergoing testing in freezing temperatures in Sweden. Especially remarkable are the fixed rear wing and the wheel hubs, suggesting that it might be an exclusive First Edition version. Additionally, the wheel hubs appear to have a ceramic coating brake system incorporated.

The AMG GT S E Performance appears to come with a charging port in the back bumper, alongside four square exhaust pipes. Supposing that it is indeed the 4-litre twin turbocharged V8, paired with an electric motor for the rear axle, it would bring it up to 831 horses and a maximum of 1,084 lb-ft torque. Finally, let us take a peek at those wheels.

The potent force and the frozen climate in which the automobile is being tested attest to our hunch that the wheel hubs might denote that the AMG GT S E Performance will feature all-wheel-drive. As such when factoring in the drivetrain properties, the lack of back seats, and possible optional AWD gear, it places the AMG GT side-by-side with Porsche 911 as a competitive contender.

Evidently, the new AMG GT S E Performance has a longer wheelbase than its forerunner. Not only that, it retains a more accommodating 2+2-seater layout in contrast to the older AMG GT’s singular option. Additionally, this latest version was constructed using the Mercedes SL platform. Prompting a number of conjectures as to what powertrains will be used; however, entry models are expected to employ a turbocharged four-cylinder with hybrid assistance – providing an insanely powerful 671 HP and 752 lb-ft torque.

It seems apparent that Mercedes is not at all bashful about the upcoming vehicle, evidenced by its minimal camouflage and a sleek finish of what looks to be Alpine Gray from their Manufaktur series. Aside from this, the racy rear diffuser located between the double exhaust pipes has definitely piqued our attention. Many other imperative hints, which implies this likely is the AMG GT S E Performance, consists of big brakes, black wheels, as well as the Panamericana grille supporting extra intakes below.

One would think it won’t be too long before the Mercedes AMG GT S E Performance is revealed to the world, due primarily to Mercedes’ lack of subtlety in hiding the vehicle. Therefore, a general estimation could be postulating that the German carmaker will most likely be launching the car within six months time.

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